The Best Dog Products for Your Furry Friends

Tell no one what I’m about to admit. But I once spent more money on a sweater for my dog, Huckleberry, than I’ve ever spent on a sweater for myself. (Reader, it was a $165 U.S. dollars, not including tax. My Minnesota farm boy grandfather is rolling over and over in his grave.) But if you’ve ever had a pet, you know little fluffy deserves the Best with a capital B, because they’re there for you even on your worst, messiest, and most hormonal days with oodles of kisses and cuddles. My papillon, Huckleberry, puts up with all my highs and lows better than anyone else, and looks darn cute doing it (especially in that sweater). So we sat together and combed through SwearBy’s many must-have pet products for items we know he’ll ruv. Here, all of the things that have us wagging our tails with excitement. 

Finn Supplements

“Humans have Ritual and Care/of, pets now have Finn,” says SwearBy Content Director Sara Tan. Our furry friends are more than just our pets — they’re our best pals and they deserve the same nutrition we have access to, which is exactly what modern pet wellness brand Finn believes. Sara writes that the brand offers a variety of supplements, from a multivitamin to a calming aid that can be purchased in bundles or individually. “I personally love giving Oliver (my French Bulldog) the Skin & Coat supplement as it helps keep his coat soft, shiny, and healthy,” she explains.

GoStock Dog Pool for Dogs

In the dumpster fire that is 2020, one thing has me smiling — the chance to cool down al fresco in my own private plunge pool. And no, it doesn’t matter that said plunge pool is of the blow-up variety: on a 90-degree day, a pool is a pool. “Since I can’t have a Hot Girl Summer and go on vacation, I’m determined to live vicariously through my pug puppy Björk who is living her best life right now,” says Tara Gonzalez of this dog pool. “On a particularly hot day in Brooklyn recently she ran through a hydrant that was converted into a sidewalk sprinkler and I realized she needed a pool. Unfortunately, my apartment can’t accommodate a human-size pool but a puppy pool is definitely doable. Not only is it incredibly cute to watch her sit in this pool but it’s easy to travel with which is great for local weekend getaways. I may not get to really go on vacation this year but I do get to watch a pug puppy swim in a mini pool on my balcony and that’s definitely something.” And don’t worry about it getting popped: the pool is made of high-strength anti-scratch PVC and fiberboard.

Deluxe Easy Walk Harness

If you have an active puppy or a larger dog that’s difficult to take on walks, this harness is for you. It comes recommended by not one, but two SwearBy editors who say that this is the only harness they use with their furry pals. Erin Matts uses this on her 108-pound dog and calls it a “game-changer.” She particularly loves how easy it is to redirect her dog Bruce, but in a gentle and humane way, thanks to the fact that this harness “hugs the dog’s legs” instead of pinching them like other collars or harnesses do. Leeorah Betan-Hartman agrees, saying it’s the only harness she has used with her dog in 12 years. “This harness helps so much in keeping them healing, but not choking, or hurting them in any way. I highly recommend it!”

Furbliss Multi-Use Deshedding and Massaging Brush

Did someone say massaging brush? (*Huckleberry’s ears perk up.) “This has made a huge difference in terms of managing our shorthaired dog’s shedding,” says Caitlin Kimmet. “She also likes how nice and massaging the little silicone nubs are. It’s made it a lot easier to get her to sit still for brushing!” Is it weird if we also use this on ourselves? No? Good.

SHAYA Susan Leash

Furry fashionistas will love this leash from designer dog brand SHAYA. Sara Tan says it’s “the prettiest leash you’ll ever own.” The leash is made with scratch-resistant leather and the handle is a beautiful acrylic tortoise shell. You can also buy matching accessories, like a “clean up purse” that resembles a mini Birkin and is far more stylish than any other plastic bag holder.

Greenies Chicken Flavor Capsule Pill Pockets™ For Dogs

If you’ve ever had to give a pill to a pet, you know it can be…a pill. Greenies Pill Pockets fix the problem so well I kind of wish they made them for people, too (“I’ll take salted caramel flavor for the win!”). “My dog hates taking her medication, and she takes a prescription allergy pill every day for her sensitive skin,” says Caitlin Kimmet. “It used to be a huge hassle, wrapping her pills in cheese, then in peanut butter and then hoping that it was enough. This is the total opposite of a hassle. Stick the pill in the pocket. She takes it. Easy. Peasy.” More than 15,000 four-star reviews can’t be wrong.

I And Love And You Beef Bully Stix Dog Treats

I’m not going to tell you what bully sticks are made of. Sometimes, you just don’t need to know what’s in that sausage you’re eating, amirite? But I will say that Huckleberry has a favorite treat—and it’s (yep) bully sticks, the stinkier the better. These particular ones are made from grass-fed, antibiotic-free cattle. “These are by far my dog’s favorite treats and they last 20-30 minutes at a time,” says Caitlin Kimmet. (Huckleberry can get down on a bully stick for days, but he’s like 13 pounds.) “They do smell. A lot. But what’s a half-hour of bad smells when we’re talking about the happiness of my best friend?” 

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

We know. These are poop bags. Groundbreaking. But they aren’t just regular plastic bags and come highly recommended by a couple of SwearBy editors who love that they are strong (so you don’t have to worry about dirtying your hands) and biodegradable. Poop bags that are good for you, your pup, and the planet? We’re sold.

Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera

If you and your dog are techies, you’ll love this wireless pet camera and treat dispenser. SwearBy editor Sara Oldmixon loves that she can check in on her dog at anytime, easily give him treats, and talk to him (“which makes him happy and sometimes hilariously confused”). What’s more, you can even use this camera to play a game of “chase the laser.” Technology is cool.

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