The Best Custom Jewelry

Call me #Basic, but I got a little misty-eyed at Christmas when my husband gifted me with a Tiffany & Co. initial necklace—not mine, not his, but our darling child’s initial—and I haven’t taken it off since. There’s something extra meaningful about jewelry that says something beyond bling, especially when it speaks to who you are and what you love. So we rounded up a few editor-loved custom bauble ideas for bespoke style at a glance.

Adina's Jewels Personalized Pavé Block Name Station Necklace

What’s better than seeing your name up in lights? Seeing your name in diamonds (or cubic zirconia, their more attainably priced alternative). This CZ necklace is a favorite of Stephanie Perry, who thinks it makes the ultimate gift. “Made of 14-karat gold and cubic zirconia, you can customize this necklace to say the recipient’s name — or you can get a bit more creative and spell out an adjective that describes them” she says of the piece, which you can personalize with up to six letters. “Either way, they’ll think of you every time they wear it.”

The Bauble BAR Bracelet

Remember that literally charming charm bracelet you inherited from your grandma? This is its cooler, hipper cousin. “There’s nothing like customization to add a personal touch when giving jewelry, and BaubleBar’s BAR Bracelet is the perfect personable option,” raves fan Nina Huang, who likes that its made of non-irritating, hypoallergenic plated metals in gold, turquoise, rose quartz or pearl. “With the removable clasp, you (or your gift recipient) can add on as many baubles as you want, from your initials to cute charms like planes and shamrocks….I love wearing mine decorated with my initials and the brand’s Keep Calm bauble, and it brings a smile to my face every time I look down at it.” Another sweet charm? Their Astro Baubles, which come adorned with your star sign. 

Made by Mary Birthstone Earring

These simple stud earrings become so much more thoughtful with the addition of personalized gemstones,” says Christie Calucchia of these simply designed 14k gold earrings, adorned with everything from purple to ruby cubic zirconia. “They offer a subtle pop of color and are perfect for stacking. I love wearing mine and think they’d make a great gift for anyone with pierced ears on your holiday shopping list.” Bonus: they’re made here in Utah. 

Rectangle Diamond Skinny Plaque Engravable Ring

When you love someone to the tips of your fingers, sometimes you’ve got to put their name or initials right there on your pinky or ring finger for all to see. And no, you don’t have to tattoo it—not when rings like this one exist, flanked by tiny twinkling diamonds and engraved with up to five letters of your choice. “This ring is an amazing way to honor those you love, and also makes the sweetest gift…think push present or bridesmaid!” says Ashleigh Bergman.

Block Letter Monogram Necklace

The only problem we often find with monogram jewelry? 99.9 percent of the time, they’re subtle AF—and sometimes, you want to shout your letter allegiances from the rooftop. For those days, there’s this bold beauty from Anthropologie. “I love how this block letter necklace is both a simple and statement piece, and that it pretty much goes with everything—also, every single letter looks beautiful,” says Madeleine Letellier. “As a bonus—I’m pretty sure this is the necklace Alexis Rose wears in Schitt’s Creek, which makes it even better.” We call that Perfection, with a capital P. 

Tiny Tags Gold Skinny Bar

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the mama in your life or if you recently became a mom, consider a piece from Tiny Tags. “I have their Gold Skinny Bar Necklace which features my daughter’s name on the front and her birthdate on the back. It’s such an elegant and dainty necklace, and most of all, so incredibly meaningful,” says Editor Sara Tan.

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