The Best Breathable Face Masks

Face masks are non-negotiable these days, so we might as well find ones that are cute and comfortable to wear, right? This can be somewhat of a challenge — masks aren't necessarily the chicest accessory. But there are tons of brands that are creating coverings in beautiful or interesting prints and fabrics. We tapped some of our favorite SwearBy editors to see what masks they've been wearing this summer.

Parton Me Face Mask

“Why yes, I did buy a Dolly Parton themed face mask. And yes, it was one of the best decisions I’ve recently made. The design easily covers my nose without me having to mess with it and it’s lightweight enough to wear to the gym. Plus, you really just can’t go wrong with anything Dolly—I would imagine people are smiling underneath their own masks when they see mine.” –Jayla Andrulonis 

Devereux Face Mask - Set of 3

“These reusable face masks are made with the same breathable materials used in the brand’s popular sportswear. The inner layer of the lightweight masks is made from 100 percent organic cotton, while the outer layer is crafted from an antimicrobial, quick-drying polyester performance fabric. Not only do the face masks feature adjustable plastic stoppers on the ear straps, but they also provide UV protection and are compatible with N95 filters. My favorite part is the fact that Devereux is taking this opportunity to help out a good cause. For each three-piece set purchased, the brand will donate a set to essential workers in need in Arizona, where the company is located.” –Rebecca Carhart

Vegamour Hand Sanitizer Spray and Face Mask Bundle

“Yes, this is technically a hand sanitizer pack, but it comes with breathable face mask that has quickly become my favorite protective covering over the past few months. While you can’t purchase the mask on its own, snagging three travel-friendly bottles of hand sanitizer and a lightweight face mask for just $16 isn’t a bad deal.” –Christie Calucchia

Vida Protective Mask

“The adjustable straps make this a suitable face mask option for just about anyone. Made from 100% cotton, its super soft on your face, and features a nose piece to comfortably hold in place. You can choose between a single mask, a pair, or a pack of four in several different colors.” –Maya Gandara

Atoms Copper Mask

“It was important for me to find a face mask that’s super breathable since I tend to overheat in the summer, and Atoms’ mask from Nisolo was the choice for me. Its outer layer is made with a lightweight, quick-dry material that makes it perfect for an outdoor run. The interior lining (made with super soft yarn) even comes with antimicrobial properties, and feels incredibly comfortable against my sensitive skin, too. Plus, it’s machine washable, so a quick toss in the washer is all I need to make sure that it’s ready for use again the next morning.” –Nina Huang

Bondir Air Guard Reusable Fabric Face Mask with Replacement Liners

“Unlike most face masks, which feel restrictive and often, a little too tight, this roomy option feels comfortable while securely covering my nose and mouth. I love that its adjustable straps and built-in nose strip allow me to create a custom fit and shape. The soft material also feels gentle on my skin, ensuring I can wear it for hours without chafing or irritation.” –Jessica Leigh Mattern

June Tailor Sew-Your-Own Reusable Face Mask Kit

“I’ve been lucky enough to have friends and family members send me hand-sewn face masks during the COVID pandemic. I’m truly grateful that I get to wear something that loved ones worked hard to make and feel a comforting sense of community every time I put one on. This kit is similar to what they’ve used to make DIY face masks. It comes with everything you need to make four masks, including fabric, filters, and even a link to a video tutorial for anyone who doesn’t know how to sew.” –Katie Macdonald

Veronica Beard Leopard Face Covering

“I use clothing to express myself and so I’ve never been very good at uniforms or wearing anything that doesn’t feel like an extension of who I am. Now that so many designers are making face masks, I’m thrilled of the larger offering in designs that actually fit into my wardrobe. I’ve been wearing a plain black mask for so long and I’m definitely ready for a little bit of print. Leopard print is also my go-to and this mask is so light for the summer. It’s the statement accessory none of us ever knew we needed!” –Tara Gonzalez

N(GHT 100% Silk Face Mask + (7) Disposable Filters

I love how chic and comfortable this silk mask looks and feels. When I’m wearing it, I almost forget it’s on my face! Because it’s silk, it is actually hypoallergenic, which means it can help prevent breakouts and keep your skin hydrated. It comes in several stylish colors, including emerald, champagne, and blush (which is the one I have).” — Sara Tan 

Sara Tan (@saratan) is SwearBy's Content Director, spending much of her time curating her favorite products and recommendations across beauty, fashion, fitness, and home. She is also the co-host of Gloss Angeles, a beauty podcast offering a west coast perspective on all things beauty. She was previously the Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor at Bustle. She has over 10 years of editorial experience and her bylines can be found on Allure, InStyle, BRIDES, and Coveteur. She is passionate about beauty, fitness, and wellness and can be found running around Los Angeles in pursuit of the latest skincare innovation and cool new workout with her Frenchie by her side.