The Best Apps to Style, Plan and Improve Your Instagram

I'm a planner. And as a libra, I like to have balanced, pretty aesthetics. So, these are the apps that have helped me carefully curate the aesthetic I want to uphold on my insta – beyond just my grid. The app that's been my go-to for years is VSCO. It is marketed as a photo editing/social tool, but I mainly use it for making photo edits. It allows me to make necessary enhancements to my photos, as well as apply quality filters to craft a cohesive look for my pics. To organize it all, I use Planoly. This app helps me plan and try out different ways I want to lay my photos out for my grid, seeing how each photo looks as a collective group. It also sometimes helps me identify if a picture needs a little more tweaking to get the right edit. And finally, for my insta-stories, I like to use Unfold. This is a great app that lets me create beautiful stories that really highlight my image, but apply additional text elements when I need to add more content/words to my stories. It's clean, elegant and creative. I have really loved using these apps to up-my insta game, and all on the free versions as well!


I live by VSCO for all my photo edits. The interface is easy to use and simple. They have LOTS of free, quality filers that you can apply and editing capabilities that help enhance your photos. Another feature that’s really helpful is that you can save a “recipe” of all the edits you made to one pic, and apply that recipe to any of your other photos for a uniform aesthetic. You can also just copy and paste your edits with two taps to apply the edits you made from one picture to the next. I personally don’t pay for the premium version, but with that comes more filter options and the ability to edit videos. For me though, the free version has worked great!

Planoly App

I like to build up content for my instagram, test multiple different edits, and think about which order I want my photos to be posted in for the best aesthetically organized instagrid possible; Planoly helps me do all of this AND MORE. I use this app every time before I post to instagram (I can also have it post for me if I wanted to post something at a specific time)! Before Planoly, I’d have my sister pull up my instagram on her phone while I held up my picture I wanted to post on my phone, and we’d look and try and see if it looked like it would fit my aesthetic. Planoly lets me bring this process down to just my phone in an incredibly simple, beautiful way.

‎Unfold — Create Stories

I use Unfold for my insta stories and it adds a premium, clean look to each one. The versatility and simplicity is great, and it’s great to organize each of my potential stories together. Highly recommend for anyone looking to up their IG Story game!

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