That Natural Life when You Rock that Mom Life

When I became a Mother, I went through my bathroom freaking out about what I put on my skin and then I popped over to the kitchen again freaking out with what I put in this body.

You become responsible for another human, you get real responsible for your body, your products and feeling good about everything in the home.

Sharing some of my SWEARS a I literally tested every natural deodorant on the market, armpit rashes and all (this mama cannot do baking soda) and sharing with YOU!

Routine Cream Master Deodorant

I searched far and wide for a natural deodorant. Especially when I started breastfeeding! And I learned I cannot do baking soda, and most natural deodorants have that! Immediate red armpits for me, super sexy. THIS Superstar natural deodorant from Canadian sister-founded ROUTINE is it!

BeeKeeper's Propolis Spray

I literally spray every single day. Kids in daycare? You need this. Do you speak…ever? You need this. And they have a new KIDS spray!

The Ritual Rosebud Woman Gift Set

Luxury vaginal skincare. Period. Need I say more? I love the REFRESH spray and HONOR moisturizer. And the lube works. Gorgeous products, all plant based, female-owned!

Native Nectar Illuminating Eye Serum

Because Moms are tired. And we look tired. Feels. so. damn. good.

Goop Supernatural Starter Set

Smells amazing nonTOXIC. Makes me actually want to clean!

Bivouac Coffee Co.

Coffee that is good for Mama Earth, yes please! No more coffee belly, because if this natural processing, good on the ol’ organs! Family owned. Colorado based!

Dr Teal's Epsom Salt Soothe & Sleep Lavender Soaking Solution

I used to live by the ocean, this supports the missing of that salt air and feels so good! And I need all the hydration help I can get with breastfeeding!

Butterbear Bath Bomb

Bath time fizz, add wine, leave the skin so moisturized and magic!

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner

Spritz every single day to tone! Fell in love with Witch Hazel after having the babe – you know Im talking those frozen pads down there to relieve the stretching and well, I tore. YIKES! So good for the face and natural!

Fresh Rose Face Mask

Always in need of deep hydration, I use this mask every morning now! Thank you SWEARBY for the gift as a Founding Editor!

Hello Everyone! I am Jacki Carr, a goal coach, writer, motivational speaker and Mama. I am the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss, a women-centric transformation company with a mission to bring your intentions to action. My coaching style includes real + honest conversations and true connection to your most powerful and whole self. I am a Lightyear Leadership faculty member, have my 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification and Yin Yoga Teacher Training. I have worked with companies such as Patagonia, Women & Inc. and NIKE on leadership and culture. I strongly believe in a World where we all truly belong and each and every one of us has unique gifts to contribute. I reside in Evergreen, Colorado with my husband, two daughters and two pups. We wear flannel and hike in their backyard of the Rocky Mountains often!