Ten Unique Mother's Day Gifts to Swear By

Macaroni necklaces. Gift cards. Coupon books. Flowers. While we firmly believe that "it's the thought that counts," we've all been a little guilty of giving a Mother’s Day gift that was less than unique. There's still time to break the cycle. We polled our Editor community for the presents that moms really want this May. If you’re looking for something that will really knock mom’s socks off, read on for unique, handpicked Swears for all types of mamas.

Dining In by Alison Roman

Our Editors absolutely rave about this cookbook from Alison Roman, a collection of 125 simple yet impressive recipes that Emma Parnass Swears “always impress guests.” Editor Laura Denby loves that each meal uses “quality ingredients and punchy flavors” and Kate Hofstra “read this book like it was a novel.” Whether you have a kitchen-savvy mama looking for her next signature dish or a mom who’s new to the craft, Megan Lamoreaux loves that despite your level, “this is a cookbook you could very feasibly cook your entire way through.” Even if mom thinks she’s seen everything out there, this book has something new and delicious to try.
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Overose Paris Anthurium Candle

Yes, a candle. But a candle by any other name wouldn’t be this chic. Gina Stabile Swears “This candle is divine! Candles from Overose Paris smell beautiful, are made from natural ingredients, and make the perfect gifts to yourself or loved ones.”
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Madewell Transport Tote

Like mom, this bag just “gets better with age.” This chic caryall is “the perfect everyday tote” a SUPER Swear that’s majorly beloved among our community. Editors say that the bag “fits everything” and is well-priced, even with “solid construction and quality materials.” They Swear to have multiples that have lasted for more than 6 years. “It’s much more durable than I would have expected and remains looking fresh and new after quite a bit of wear.”
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Happy Notes Notebook

Who couldn’t use a bit more happiness? Editor Lindsay Colameo created this notebook with “happiness at its core” to help you power through life with brighter mindset and commit to journaling as a self love ritual that will undoubtedly make you a happier person. She Swears that it “reminds me to find a smile in the everyday.” Daley Quinn seconds, saying “practicing gratitude throughout these beautiful pages has completely changed my life!”
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Sonya Dakar Rose Gold Radiance Mask

A little pampering is always in order. Leah-Vail Soloff Swears “this mask does everything I want it to: minimizes pores, draws out impurities, and delivers a boost of radiance!”
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Fitbit Alta Smartwatch

Let’s keep mom around for a while, shall we? Moms trying to stay active will appreciate this piece of fitness tech. Editor Michelle Sulcov uses her Fitbit to “keep track of [her] steps and heart rate.” It’s also not just a workout gadget, this wrist accessory also notifies you of phone calls and “read[s] texts as they come through.” Amy Ruth Finegold also loves that you “can change the band color” and even uses it to “monitor sleep.”
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AndieAndErin RBG Inspired Silk Necktie

This necktie from female founded brand AndieAndErin is perfect for all fans of the Notorious RBG. Inspired by the jabots that female Supreme Court Justices wear to dress up their robes, this accessory is sure to give Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s badassery to any mom who wears it. Lisa Santos says that in addition to it being inspired by RBG, she “love[s] the ease of this necktie.” Pick this up for the dissenter in your life.
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Book of the Month

SwearBy contributor Gennie Brummel Swears that it’s “such a fun way to discover new books I normally wouldn’t read! You get to pick from the five monthly books and can add on extras if more than one sounds interesting – and they are shipped to you for free. Skip a month whenever you want. A great way to motivate myself to read more this year!”
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Homesick Candles

Missing mom from afar? With a scent for each of the 50 states, plus major cities and fun states-of-mind (like LOVE!), these candles add an extra personal touch. Erin Matts says they’re “gorgeous and nostalgic” and are “simple and minimalist in design.” Her favorite is the Book candle, which she Swears perfectly captures the scent of her beloved paper books.
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A Mother Is a Story: A Celebration of Motherhood by Samantha Hahn

Samantha Hahn, SwearBy editor and author of “A Mother is a Story,” made her book with the affection and attention that all moms deserve on Mother’s Day. Every page has a different watercolor “illustration and lettered quote [that] was painted with love.” The quotes range from funny to heartwarming, celebrating the beauty of being a mom. This Swear makes a great keepsake for the sentimental mothers out there, and Samantha hopes that “it speaks to you, new mamas or seasoned pros.”
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