Ten Feel-Good Gifts for the Holidays

There’s nothing like a gift that keeps on giving! From stainless steel straws that cut down on environmental waste, to jewelry handcrafted by those transitioning out of homelessness, these gifts each tell their own story of hope and redemption; and pave the way for a brighter future. Shop these sentimental finds for the good samaritans in your life, whether they love giving to a cause, are amped about saving the planet or if you just want to spread a bit more joy in their lives.

The Giving Keys Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace

“I love accessories that are simple with an edge. You can wear this every day, and feel good wearing it knowing that A) you look awesome, and B) you did awesome by supporting a brand that encourages the pay it forward model and provides employment opportunities for people transitioning out of homelessness.” —Kristiana Tarnuzzer, founder of The Cause Bar

STIK Motley Beanie

“This is the warmest hat I’ve ever owned and the one thing that gets me very excited for cold weather. The hat holds up against it all – I’ve had my hat through three winters and it still looks and feels new. The hats also come out of a company that really gives a sh*t about giving back, which is another reason I swear by everything STIK.” —Katie O’Reilly, producer

Organic Two Piece Pajama Set

“Incredibly soft, organic cotton, gives back to kids in need, a perfect fit. What’s not to love??” —Stacey Effman, co-founder of 12|12

Bee's Wrap

“My sister introduced me to this product, and ever since I’ve been hooked. It’s an eco-friendly, more sustainable alternative to plastic wrap and ziploc bags. I have long believed that bees and everything they create are absolutely magical, and this is no different. It seals around the item (bread, cheese, fruit, etc!), forming and holding its shape with the warmth of your hands, and it keeps things fresh SO well. Once you’re finished, just gently clean in cool water and dry – then reuse! It’s the best. The only thing I avoid using it for is avocado, because that just tends to get so messy. Otherwise, go for it!” —Kelsey O’Connell, founder of BELLE FORCE

Imani Collective Southwestern Woven Wall Hanging

“This piece completes any room, subtle enough to go with so many styles and decor, but eye catching enough to get a compliment from everyone who sees it for the first time. The company also employs over fifty Kenyan men and women in Mtepeni Village and Mombasa, along with half a dozen women stateside. Can’t say no to that.” —Kristiana Tarnuzzer

Senhai Stainless Steel Straws

“I love my stainless steel straws. Switching to metal straws was one of the things I did once I became more environmentally conscious. The ones from Senhai have a great quality and won’t get rusty. And the case is great to keep a set in your bag.” —Carolina Poli, health coach

True&Co. True Body Lift Scoop Neck Bra

Aside from designing insanely comfortable products, True & Co. also grants a yearly scholarship that awards education funding for women who desire to create positive change. Their last scholarship saw over 27,000 applications, and winners have gone into the medical and public health fields. Andrea Abraham, founder and CEO at Woosh Beauty, also praises their goods: “Wore this bra all through my second pregnancy, and haven’t stopped yet! It is literally just so comfortable, while still giving enough lift and support.”

Thistle Farms Hope Candle

“Firstly, it’s just chic and is the perfect gift because it’ll look good in anyone’s home. Secondly, every scent smells amazing though the Lavender + Lemon is my favorite – think clean and stress-free. BONUS: Your purchase of this Hope Candle directly impacts the healing and empowerment of women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction.” —Kristiana Tarnuzzer

Good JuJu Glass Beaded Bracelet

What’s better to gift than a little bit of good juju? SwearBy Editor Casey Benjamin started Juju Supply after her own battle with cancer, recognizing a need for a resource for people searching for meaningful gifts during impossibly hard times.

“This is the signature Good JuJu Bracelet in our line. I wear mine every day and everywhere I go. To me it’s the perfect reminder to spread Good JuJu and maintain a positive attitude even when things are crummy. It’s a tangible reminder to keep things light. And, it looks super cute to boot!” —Casey Benjamin, co-founder of Juju Supply

Thirst by Scott Harrison

“Wow, this book will make you appreciate a glass of tap water!! Scott Harrison (charity: water’s founder and CEO) shares his own ridiculous story (NYC club promoter turned world-class charity founder), as well as the personal stories of people across Africa and the rest of the globe that literally have no idea what clean, non-bacterial water tastes like. Thankfully, the book also inspires hope that it’s actually possible to make a difference. One hundred percent of net proceeds from the author’s book sales go straight to funding charity: water projects, like drilling wells for villages, schools and communities who need clean water most.” —Maria Pedone, director of editorial and social strategy

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