Swears for Hitting the (Hiking) Trail

Living in Montana means that mountains are a part of life. There is not a weekend that goes by that we aren't on a hike, or searching out new hikes to try. Can you ever get tired of seeing waterfalls? It can be hard to navigate what you really need to hit the trail when these days it seems like everyone is trying to tell you that you need a $400 backpack and special shoes just to take a walk in the woods. These are the things that have been tried and true through day hikes and long backpacking treks.

Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF 42 Sunscreen | SHISEIDO

I’m not super picky about my body sunscreen, but I am particular AF about what goes on my face. This sunscreen has been a godsend. It gives me 100% protection and has never let me down. It’s not greasy and absorbs fast. It also doesn’t give me a nasty white cast in pictures.

Larabar Chocolate Chip Brownie Bar

I love love love my Larabars! I have lots of flavors that I truly reach for on the daily, but my sweet tooth will always want some chocolate. They have just SIX ingredients and made of food you can feel good about. I love to throw these in my bag when we’re heading out for a trail hike because of how easy and delicious they are. They also keep my appetite down for hours.

Osprey Skimmer 16 Hydration Pack - Women's - 2.5 Liters

This pack is just about the perfect size for a day hike. It’s lightweight and has a hydration pack that will hold 2.5 liters hands-free! It’s also cute. Because that’s important too. If you’re new to buying hiking packs (not Jansport), I also recommend getting one made “for women”. It’s not hype. There really is a difference in how the weight is distributed and how they hang on the body.

Merrell Women's Capra Hiking Shoe

Summer is hiking time. Living in the mountains, hitting the trails every weekend is part of our normal routine. I need shoes that are waterproof, especially during shoulder season, but that also can stand up well. I’ve owned these for four years and they are intensely fantastic. They resist torsion in the sole to provide stability, are completely waterproof, and are comfortable! I love wearing them and definitely can recommend Merrell to anyone, including over pricier and more niche brands.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

Hey. Your lips need SPF too! This doesn’t melt in my bag on a hot day, and it works so well at preventing any kind of chapping or sunburn. Meghan Markle swears by this, and I do too! It has a subtle tint, a ton of shine, and is so very moisturizing! I received one of these from SwearBy as a founding editor, and was SO happy to add another to my bag! This goes everywhere with me…work, nights out, gym!

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