Swears for Every Role you Play: What Actor/Fitness Instructor/Doula Rachel Nicks Swears By

“I’ve always been someone who wanted to do ALL the things,” says major multi-hyphenate Rachel Nicks, an actor, fitness instructor, doula, and mom. “I thrive when I get to purse all of my passions. It might create some challenging logistics for my husband and I to manage, but when I’m at my best, then I can be the best for my family.” Rachel, a Juilliard-trained actress, didn’t want to wait tables while she was waiting to become Meryl Streep. She leaned into fitness and found a second calling by training in Yoga, Pilates, Kettlebells, Barre, and more. “The first Yoga class I taught was like unlocking Pandora’s Box. I loved it in the way that I loved acting, and I really loved the way I could help people.” Noticing that many of her Barre students were new moms, Rachel trained to become a doula to better understand their post-partum needs. Now a mom herself to a year-old son, Rachel has become an expert in compartmentalizing the different roles that she takes on daily. “When I get to use all of my pieces, I’m more whole,” she says. “I’m the most unprepared but the most present I’ve ever been in my life. But, no matter how busy the schedule, I believe that it’s important to leave a little room on your plate to receive a blessing.” That strategy must have worked, because Rachel is more in-demand than ever, gracing the small screen with guest-starring stints in primetime network shows, and appearing 24/7 on Mirror, teaching Yoga and Pilates for the buzzy, on-demand exercise platform. Students tune in to Rachel’s classes, not only for her killer moves, but also for her genuine enthusiasm. “Being tired and happy is way different than being tired and unhappy,” says Rachel, smiling her way through the day after dealing with a teething toddler all night. No matter what role she’s playing at the moment, Rachel relies on some key products to get through her jam-packed daily schedule. From the best baby gear to books and beauty, here are some of the favorite things that this multi-dimensional multi-hyphenate Swears By:

Pixi Glow Tonic

“I decided to be an adult and go see a dermatologist about 6 months ago regarding my breakouts. This is one of the products she suggested. There was a different brand that was much more expensive I decided to start with this and I am extremely pleased. I definitely have noticed a more even skin tone.”

Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

“When you sweat for a living, it’s all about fighting breakouts and keeping up with a sweaty lifestyle! This and the Pixi Tonic create my magic combo!”

Adore Bralette - Plum Maternity & Nursing Bralette

“I lived in these bras while pregnant and have worn them every day since having my son, unless they are all in the dirty clothes bin, of course. I love that I can wear it for all the different aspects of my day. Most importantly, it offers easy access for my lil’ man to feed.”

I Like Myself!

“I love everything about this book! As a black woman raising a black boy in the US of A, it is extremely important to me that my child sees himself represented in all aspects of his life. I find that this book brilliantly addresses many of the obstacles and insecurities that people of color face in this country in a fun and colorful way. I think all children should read it. Until we all understand one another’s journey, things won’t change. Ignorance is only bliss if you are privileged enough to be ignorant.”

Positive Discipline Books

“As a new parent, I find this book to be incredibly insightful and helpful. There are loads of parenting books out there, but I believe this one has quality tools and suggestions to help you navigate parenting more successfully and mindfully.”

Skip Hop Doubleplay Reversible Playmat - Vibrant Village

“So another baby thing, right? I asked myself ‘do I really wanna spend $99 on a playmat?’ I paid like $70 because I caught a 4th of July sale but, YES, it’s worth it. It’s fun on one side and ‘adult’ on the other. It is comfy for the babe but more importantly for you and all the other adults who will be playing on the floor with your little one. Kiddos cannot take it apart, and if you are having company and you don’t want it out you can simple roll it and put it up. There are loads of pricey mats out there…I won’t name names, but a lot of them fall apart. This mat is worth it!”

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Phenomenal Woman T-Shirt

“This shirt is part of my uniform. Why not throw on a shirt that makes you feel empowered and know that all the money you spent is going to empower other women? You are phenomenal, so throw this on and remind everyone!”

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Strong As A Mother Sweatshirt

“The other piece in my mom uniform. It makes me feel like a badass even when I am exhausted. I own 2. I wore it on my first walk with my son postpartum, and it made me feel like a superhero because, let’s face it, moms are superheroes!”

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Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel

“You know the struggle is real if you have curls. Finding the right products for your curls is expensive and time consuming…this is worth every penny and is for real, for real my SwearBy!”

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PRO Airbrush Perfector #51 - SEPHORA COLLECTION

“My best friend is a beauty expert and saw this in her bag….I was like ‘do I need this?’ She said, YES!. She was right. I can put a quick coat of foundation on in less than 60 seconds! Thank me later.”

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