Swears for a New Year’s Resolution You’ll Actually Keep

It’s that time again—for countdowns, noise makers and ambitious New Year’s resolutions. Every year we aim to outdo ourselves, but it’s like we get amnesia a week in—what gives?? That’s why we’ve rounded up the swears that will keep you on track—and relaxed—through this new-year-new-you journey. From uber-organized journals to joy-filled books and “brain-boosting” supplements, these are the goods to get you through 2019.

SELF Journal | BestSelf | Top Productivity Tools to Achieve Your Goals

I ADORE this journal. I use it daily to time block my day as well as track the progress on my biggest goals. I love how it breaks it down for you, as well as holding you accountable daily for your goal progression. Also works seamlessly with your seasons in life.

Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee

I literally see the world differently since reading this book (and meeting the author). 2016-2018 was a tough time for me (from the election to health challenges and personal stuff) and I felt like I was spiraling into despair. not quite depressed, but maybe? I didn’t feel like myself at all and I feel like this book reminded me of an inner strength and perspective I once had and had just forgotten in all the complicatedness of adulting. I really wish I could assign it for the entire world to read. it would certainly make a better world. the simple concepts rooted in very real anecdotes are simple to understand and so interesting to learn and notice.

Gratitude Journal

Beginning each morning or evening with a gratitude list helps me step back and observe the bigger. I love this journal because it’s small enough to keep next to my bed and a reminder to write something down.

Wylde One Brain Buzz

Perfect way to get you going or pick you up in the afternoon. You’ll feel like you’re firing on all cylinders without feeling jittery or a crash.

5 Second Journal

Just started using this after a friend recommended a similar journal (there are many). The size is kind of big actually but makes you accountable. Just journalling everyday (or most days) really helps me clear my mind. It’s also structured in a way so you can analyze how you feel, goals for the day, projects, free writing, etc. Not bad so far. Hope to take it further. They have example PDFs.

Nike Metcon 4 Champagne Women's Cross Training/Weightlifting Shoe

If you need a good stabilizing shoe for weights, Metcon has a firm footing. The shoe is super comfy and tempts me to wear them outside of workouts!

Muji Aroma Diffuser

Got this to create chill vibes at the hospital when I had my little one. Never expected that it would become an everyday essential at home! I add a few drops of French lavender oil and my whole apartment smells amazing (in a not overpowering way).

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