SwearBy Editors Share Their Favorite Quarantine Buy

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you probably already know — most of the country is still practicing safer-at-home practices. Yes, September is basically here and we've spent the majority of the year social distancing, perfecting our banana bread recipes, and rearranging the furniture in our homes to make things a little more exciting (since we have nowhere else to go). Regardless if you're still stuck indoors or if you've started to transition back to normal life, you probably purchased at least one thing during quarantine that made your life a lot better. SwearBy editors definitely did. Here's a roundup of their favorite buys of 2020.

Echelon Connect EX5 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

“Besides my college education, this may be the most I’ve ever spent on something for myself, but it has proven to be worth every penny. Working out is a top priority to me (and absolutely essential for my mental health), which is why I splurged and invested in this at-home spinning bike. Gyms are still closed in my area, so I’m using this machine several times a week to get in a good sweat. The instructors are fun and lively, and every Echelon membership comes with a variety of workout classes (not just spinning), ensuring I can get in some strength training, too. A year or so from now, when gyms are (hopefully) reopened for good, I know I’ll still use this bike often because I love it that much.” –Jessica Leigh Mattern 

Yamazaki Home Wood-Handled Dish Rack

“Like most people this year, I’ve been spending a lot more time in my kitchen. But my tiny apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher, so all that extra cooking also means more dishes to do after every single meal. I finally traded in my tiny dry rack and the spare towel that lived underneath it for this larger (and better looking) one from Yamazaki Home. Now, I don’t dread doing the dishes nearly as much, and I love the way the playful pink color looks in my kitchen. It was well worth the splurge.” –Christie Calucchia

J.Crew: Pajama Tank Set In Pima Cotton

“I’ve basically been living in pajamas while I work from home in quarantine, and I’m so glad I added this cute option by J.Crew to my collection. I love to mix and match the tank and shorts with my other PJ’s but wearing them as a matching set always makes me feel a little more polished and like I have my life together. Plus, they are super soft and lightweight, which helped keep me cool throughout the summer.” –Rebecca Carhart

Arc Vibrator

“I could sit here and tell you that the best thing I’ve purchased during this unexpected time at home is a pair of comfy bike shorts, but it’s not. It’s this vibrator. And as a woman of the people, I am here to shout from the ‘virtual’ rooftops about it. I bought it back when shelter-in-place first started and can definitely say it was a solid choice. Oh and the fact that the same vibe continued to sell out ever since proves I’m not the only one who invested. My advice? Snag it while you can. Trust me.” –Jayla Andrulonis 

CloudKnit Sweatpants

“Once I started sheltering in place I knew I needed to up my loungewear game. Sloppy sweats and oversized pajama bottoms weren’t going to cut it. I wanted a comfortable pair of pants that would leave me feeling put-together for a productive day of working from home — which is how I found Outdoor Voice’s Cloudknit Sweatpants. The super-soft bottoms feel just like my favorite leggings but are infinitely more stylish and higher quality. I’m embarrassed to say how many days a week I wear them but let’s just say, it’s time for me to buy another pair.” –Stephanie Perry

Spanx Undie-tectable Briefs

“To be honest, I never really thought about underwear before quarantine hit. It was something that required zero brainpower to me — I was fine with cheap, bundled packs that I grabbed on trips to Costco and Target. When quarantine hit, however, I quickly took to optimizing my closet for comfy basics that I could wear all day, and I realized that my underwear drawer was in dire need of an upgrade. Enter these Spanx briefs. Not only are these silky smooth briefs the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn, but they also stay super flat under leggings, making them perfect for my intense at-home workouts. I pretty much live in them exclusively now, and even though I already own more than 10 pairs, I’m definitely planning on getting more.” –Nina Huang

Omsom Sampler

“I love to cook, but making all of my meals at home during the quarantine has been a challenge. It’s hard mustering the motivation to throw together one more salad, stir fry, or pasta dish, especially when I feel like I’ve been eating repeats of the same flavors over and over. That’s why Omsom has been a game-changer. Created by two first-generation Vietnamese American sisters looking to bring authentic Asian tastes into American homes, and developed by some of New York City’s best chefs, these meal kits are fool-proof tools for creating restaurant-quality dinners. The sampler pack comes with the flavorings to make tangy Filipino sisig, sweet Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ, and spicy Thai larb. All you need to do is add the sauce to your preferred protein (chicken, lamb, tofu, pork) and you’re ready to get cooking.” –Katie Macdonald

Boswell 2-Tier Bar Cart

“If there’s one thing quarantine made me evaluate, it was my surrounding space that I was unavoidably going to be spending even more time in than usual. Spicing up my living room became a new project, and one of the best additions I’ve added has been a bar cart. Beyond holding all my quarantine wine, it’s added an element of classiness to my apartment, and has been great for storing bottles when my fridge doesn’t always have room.” –Maya Gandara

We think you deserve to buy only awesome things. We've asked the most discerning women out there to share what they honestly, truly swear by so you can get on with life and find your next favorite product, faster. What do you SwearBy?