Sunscreens & Tanning Products that Will Leave You Glowy & Protected

Maybe you just feel more moviestar-esque with a glow, even if it’s faux. Or maybe you’d rather splay out by your local swimming hole and catch all the rays you can — with plenty of wrinkle and cancer-reducing SPF at your side, of course. We poured through SwearBy’s top sunscreen and tanning recommendations, beloved by multiple SwearBy editors. You can trust these products to help you be your most luminous and protected self. 

EltaMD Mineral Tinted Sunscreen

When the initials “MD” are right in the name, like this sunscreen, you can bet it’s a favorite of doctors. Says Sophie Hassett, who has been wearing it under makeup for three years: “Holy cow where do I start with how great this is? I used to have terrible cystic acne until I started seeing a dermatologist, who recommended this tinted moisturizer that’s also a sunscreen. It’s super gentle (initially created for post-procedure skin), moisturizes, and also has killer SPF!” California-based literary agent Erin Malone loves that it’s tinted, so she’ll swap it in for foundation. “I have super sensitive skin that also burns easily and this is by far the best sunscreen I’ve found for my face.” 

Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen

In my “salad days” toiling at a luxury travel magazine, I once worked with a Devil Wears Prada-type editor (who shall remain nameless). She was rude, full of herself, and really into her skincare. Nothing but the best products would ever grace her face. And what was her fave sunscreen? You guessed it: Supergoop. So I wasn’t surprised that SwearBy editors feel the same way. “Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen is not greasy, super-absorbent, and has a pleasant smell; it also layers nicely with moisturizers and makeup,” says Brittany Ann Cool. Los Angeles-based model and personal trainer Astrid Swan agrees, writing, “It’s SPF 50 with full coverage that still feels light. I like to use a tinted version if I go out to dinner and want to look rested and pretty.” 

L'Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Mist Deep Natural Tan

Attention, spray tan-aholics: you’re not alone, especially if this salon-quality product has anything to say about it. “I’m one of those people who always feel skinnier and prettier with a tan… but I don’t want to spend too much time in the sun,” says Christina Sirinyan, who says the bronze hue it creates (with its 360-degree continuous mist applicator) is not too orange—and not too obvious. “I love this product because it is so easy to apply and almost always comes out streak-free.” Model Alexis Henry always stashes a bottle on set for quick touch-ups. “It takes a few hours to set, but it’s great and very easy to apply. I recommend getting a tanning mitt so you can ensure it’s even all over.”

La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

Antioxidants abound in this 100% mineral sunscreen that won’t leave you a ghastly pale hue. Maham Lodhi, who uses it daily in the place of a morning moisturizer, says, “It doesn’t get oily and provides a good level of sun protection.” Los Angeles actress Dilshad Vadsaria adores it, especially because she’s been burned (not literally) by sunscreens in the past. “Lots of sunblocks are really thick and clog up my skin. However, La Roche-Posay’s sunblock is incredibly light and I have never had a breakout with it.”

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 50

If you need water-resistant sunscreen that will protect you from the beach to the swim-up bar and back again, this has you (ahem) covered. “This SPF 50 sunscreen is truly non-greasy, which I love, and it absorbs beautifully,” says Hitha Palepu. “It’s hydrating, so I like to put it on right after I get out of the shower, before I go to the beach.” Did we mention it hydrates skin for nothing short of eight hours? 

Make P:rem Blue Ray Sun Gel

People who obsess over Korean skincare products can’t get enough of this SPF 50 sunscreen — and not just because it can lower your skin temperature. It’s one of Soo Kang’s favorites: “So moisturizing, never greasy, and no white cast! My skin has never reacted poorly from it.” Hidden in the formula: chia seed extracts, and zero parabens, sulfates, or synthetic dyes. 

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