Stylish Luggage for When We Can (Woooo) Travel Freely Again

If you, like me, are spending hours of quarantine fantasizing about where you’re going to travel when this fog lifts (St. Barths! Tokyo! Des Moines!), may I suggest an alternative? Actually prepping for your next trips. 

See, we can still get all the effervescent joy of planning travel—we just might not want to pull the trigger and book it yet. In the meantime, why not get ready the best possible way: by buying some topnotch luggage for future exploits. These SwearBy-approved suitcases and travel bags are the next best thing to hitting the road; if you love them so much you take them for a stroll around the block, we won’t judge. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta feel the wind in your hair.

Away Bigger Carry-On Suitcase

No less than 10 SwearBy curators have ballyhooed this beauty, which is unbreakable and comes with a lifetime guarantee. “I have it in hunter green with my initials painted on it—fun fact, they are all hand painted by a woman,” says Jana Epstein Gettinger. “And the best part is, it comes with a portable battery charger. MAJOR travel plus.” None other than Cynthia Rowley says it’s the best suitcase she’s found. “I’m a firm believer in never checking a bag!” she says. “You can cram tons of clothes into it and still stay organized. Plus, it has a portable charger attached so you never have to fight over outlets at the airport again.”

Lipault Original Plume Spinner 55/20

“Perfect sized luggage that fits carry-on dimensions of ***all*** international flights,” says Anna Elise of this valise, who hops on plenty of European budget airlines that may be, errr, cramped. “Softcover is good for overstuffing when you come home with way more than you left. Nice sturdy wheels ’cause everyone hates a wobbly suitcase. Can roll or pull standing and I’ve even used it as a seat on public transport. Best companion!” Did we mention its wheels turn 360 degrees, and it comes in a rainbow of candy hues?

Genius Pack Aerial 29" Hardside Upright Spinner

This suitcase had us at the words “laundry compartment.” Says film and TV publicist Lauren Woulard: “I needed a luggage upgrade and this literally is like a dream suitcase. I love that it has so many compartments and it’s super deep too! Like I can fit a ton of stuff in here and there’s even a part for my dirty laundry that’s sectioned off from my clean laundry. I’ve never gone overweight with his suitcase because it easily fits so much!” Compartments galore are a packing lover’s true pleasure.

Genoa Bon Voyage Garment Bag

Occasionally, something more than a shove-in-your-clothes-and-go suitcase is required, and for those moments, only a garment bag will do. They’re nothing short of necessary for all those cross-country galas I fantasize about attending under lockdown. This particular bag is “Amazing for travel and super durable,” says CEO of Wander Beauty Divya Gugnani. “I always bring this with me on business trips to keep my outfits wrinkle free and pristine.”

Paravel Weekender Bag

This isn’t just SwearBy-approved, it’s celeb-approved. “I’m always on the go and need to be organized,” says Los Angeles stylist Cristina Ehrlich. “My dear friend and client Allison Williams turned me on to Paravel’s little pouches that were a godsend for keeping all the little essentials in my bag organized. And the bags! They come in the best color combinations and are durable at a good price point. They have the best shoulder straps ever that prevent you from breaking your back.” Also, no surprise: it’s a thing of beauty.

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