Spa-at-Home Self Care Essentials

At a time when we're all drowning in to-do's and content, 24/7...taking time to shut off the world on a daily basis has become imperative (at least for me it has)! Here are some of my favorite tools for building an at-home sanctuary for self care and spa-ing at home...all safe and sustainable, of course! And all super easy to sneak in after I finally put my kids to bed and put my laptop down. Can build these into a full night in (with multi-masking, tea, bath, book, etc), or just use them to help quickly unwind before bed on a regular basis--whatever there's time for!

La Bella Figura Purifying Manuka Mask

I have super dry skin. This manuka honey based exfoliating mask helps give my skin a super deep clean without drying it out.

Unisex Organic Waffle Robe | Coyuchi

I live in this organic robe – love that its long, warm, cozy, durable (doesn’t pil or wear out easily) and sustainable (organic cotton)!

Organic Chamomile Tea

Perfect organic tea blend of chamomile and lavender – to help unwind when taking some time to myself!

Follain x Farmaesthetics Dream Bath Elixir

Best lullaby in a bottle! Love soaking in this lavender bath elixir, with a cup of tea and a book, to help unwind and fall asleep super easily! Its a strong aromatherapy blend of lavender and clary sage that fills the entire bathroom.

ZZ Plant - Medium

I have plants everywhere in my house – for removing VOCs and other toxicants in the air – and because they look great. But my bathroom (with almost no light) is filled with these cool ZZ plants and it helps make an extra spa-like atmosphere.

Silk sleep mask - caramel

I love this for when I get to sneak in a nap – always looking for ways to help sneak in some beauty sleep! Or really anytime I’m jumping into bed and don’t want to be woken up!

Tata Harper Redefining Body Balm

I use this thick balm all over (not every day) after showering and convinced it remedies my seriously dry skin, and that it prevented stretch marks when I was pregnant. I’m addicted to the rich jasmine aromatherapy from this balm, and use it in lieu of perfume.

So passionate about clean beauty that I founded Follain in 2013, after a 5-year journey that took me everywhere from the lavender fields of France, to a skincare company in Maine, to an MBA. I've tested all of the (hundreds!) of products we sell at Follain and I'm obsessed with matching women and men with the best clean beauty for their skin--for their health and the health of the planet. I'm also a busy Mom of 2 kids and a total homebody, but I have to travel often between our stores across the country. Always working to make my home, office and travel as sustainable as possible.