Social Distancing Outdoors? These are the Scarves, Hats, Mittens and More You Need

If you, like me, have been hanging out with Your People outside as much as possible to get in Covid-safer get togethers before autumn’s chill descends, I have good news. One: backyard space heaters exist (hallelujah!) aaand the more you bundle up, the longer you can enjoy each other's company. 


To keep you toasty warm while you slog through what’s left of an unusual year, we rounded up the most beloved cozy hats, scarves, gloves etc. that our cuddled-up curators SwearBy, including one of my own faves. Just add a mug of something spiked.

White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap Scarf

Ok, so you may not use it for its intended purpose—as a globetrotter’s travel scarf—anytime soon. BUT: we don’t think there’s anything softer to swaddle yourself for a good old fashioned Netflix binge than this baby. “This multipurpose wrap has been a huge game-changer for my travel style,” says Rebecca Carhart, who no doubt has made good use of it at home, too. “If I’m not already wearing it on my way to the airport I always make sure it is stashed in my tote bag for easy access. Once I’m on board my flight I’ll snuggle up and use it as a blanket or if I am wearing a long coat, I’ll fold it up and use it as a pillow.” 

Zara Scarf Blanket

Did someone say *scarf blanket*? We are soooo on board with this oversized number, which “may be the greatest idea ever,” says Matt Harris. And yes, it’s plenty huge for all your snuggly needs. “SUPER soft, this scarf is big enough to be a blanket for a chilly office or act as a shawl on an airplane,” says Emily Arnow. “I’ve often looked for something like this that’s easy to travel with but of good quality and this is it! Looks super luxe and I always get compliments.” Honestly, if you don’t have bountiful blankets at-the-ready for your fall exploits, you’re doing autumn wrong. 

Layd Beanie

Truly genius inventions are all too rare—especially in the modern era, and especially in the fashion space. Think about it: we’ve basically been recycling the same togs generation after generation; if your outfit isn’t “hot” now, wait 20 years. For anyone who has ever suffered from hat hair (the horror!), the Layd Beanie is a truly genius invention: American-made, and lined with a removable silk lining. “Keeps hair free from static, frizz, friction, moisture loss, breakage, knots, and tangles,” says founder and CEO of Layd Charis Alexander, who may be a bit biased BUT unequivocally in-the-know. “Plus, you can easily remove the lining to conveniently wash it without having to wash the entire hat.” See? Brilliant.

Astis Long-Cuff Mittens

Two years ago, after a few runs at Colorado’s Loveland Ski Area, I was so cold I was bawling in the ski lodge—and I mean literally bawling, like a small, over-sugared child. No matter what we tried, it felt like my popsicle hands would be staying in their permanently frosty state. To get me to stop crying, my husband, alarmed, literally ran into the ski shop and yelped: “I need the warmest gloves you have, and I don’t care what they cost!” Which is how, dear reader, we ended up paying nearly $200 for a pair of mittens. And it. Was. Worth it. These Made in the USA lovelies are the warmest things you’ll everrrr put on your hands: sewn with thick, waterproofed suede leather and Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft insulation (which goes all the way up my forearms, nearly to my elbows). The beadwork, fur and fringey adornments are just candy—a little extra ski bunny adorableness on the slopes.

Ugg Coquette Slipper

We all know that heat escapes through our heads, but there is something extra awful about having frigid toes, as anyone who has tromped through icy snow in poorly insulated footwear can attest. As a new Coloradan I’ve owned all manner of supposedly “warm” shoes, but for my greenbacks, only one brand reigns supreme: Ugg. “My feet are perpetually cold so I need slippers that aren’t just cozy but also super warm,” says Stephanie Perry. “These Ugg slippers achieve that and more. Plus, I love that they have a sturdy sole that’s great for indoor or outdoor wear.” Did we mention that shearling wool is naturally antimicrobial? Go ahead and wear these babies without socks, like nature intended. 

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