Is The SNOO Worth It? We Talked to Moms to Find Out

Fewer maternity products have caused quite as much clamor as the SNOO. The basinet, designed by pediatrician and author Dr. Harvey Karp is one of the biggest maternity must-haves on the internet (at least according to Instagram). The magical bassinet has a multitude of impressive claims but also comes with a hefty price tag — $1,500 to be exact. Since you'll need to drop over a grand for the baby gear, the question has to be asked, is the SNOO worth it?

First things first: what is the SNOO? Just in case you haven't heard of the mythical bassinet, it's a tech-savvy baby bed that's responsive to your baby's needs. Essentially, it's designed to be your very own nanny — just in bed form. The SNOO is meant to give newborns a sense of calm, jiggling and rocking to soothe them in under a minute. In fact, the bassinet even knows when your newborn begins to get fussy adapting its motion and activating white noise all while you're able to shower or sleep (or both). Plus, the SNOO offers a soothing mechanism and safety features — it comes with a special Sleep Sack that attaches to the bed, swaddles your baby, and keeps them on their back for the safest sleeping position.

While yes, all of these features are designed with your baby in mind, the other goal of the SNOO is to help you. Founder of the SNOO, Dr. Karp spoke to Swearby and explains, "The number-one stressor that new parents have is exhaustion from lack of sleep. And lack of sleep is not trivial.  It can trigger issues like postpartum depression, marital stress, obesity, child abuse, absence at work, car accidents — all sorts of problems."

Dr. Karp is also aware that the price tag may scare people away from even considering the device, but says, when you think about the SNOO as a second set of hands, the cost begins to work its way out. "At about $4 per day, it’s far cheaper than getting the teenage neighbor to watch your baby for an hour while you shower or make dinner," he says. "And with SNOO, parents get added sleep, added safety, a mobile app that gives daily sleep reports and tips, and unlimited access to sleep consultants who are available 7 days a week.  And now, parents can rent SNOO so they only commit to what they need."

That all sounds great but does the SNOO work when put into practice? Here's what the real-world moms and nannies we spoke to had to say.

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SNOO Smart Sleeper

“When I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I was going to get a SNOO — no questions asked. I had read all the reviews and the scientific studies about the “robot bassinet.” I knew that it was the safest infant bed option and was approved by the FDA for preventing SIDS. Almost just as important, I read how it helped babies sleep better at night. My daughter has slept in the SNOO almost every night since coming home from the hospital and has been sleeping through the night since she was nine weeks old. It has given my husband and me peace of mind and hours of sleep. I’m already sad about having to part with it when she’s six months old.” — Sara Tan

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“I’m a nanny — not a mom — but we’ve used the SNOO for their newborn for the past six months, and it is a freaking lifesaver. She’s just now graduating to her crib, but I cannot stress how well she slept in it once we used it regularly around the two to the three-month mark. My favorite feature is that you can operate it from your phone and monitor the exact times the baby sleeps as well as how soundly, etc.” — Maggie Rapier

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“I would never buy one. Even as a mom who has a baby with major colic, the timeframe that you would use it — or the main desirable features at least — is three months tops. It is not worth spending $1,500. I would totally be willing to rent one, though, if I was desperate.” — Marion Smyser

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“My baby boy has been an amazing sleeper (usually sleeps through the night, or wakes for one feeding and right back to bed after), and I credit it mostly to this magical rob-crib. It ‘knows’ how much rocking or white noise your little one needs to be soothed to sleep (via a microphone and sensors and…pixie dust?!) and adjust accordingly without you pressing a button. It’s an investment for sure, but it’s so worth it.” — Loni Venti

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“Sanity-saving. It’s horribly expensive, but we haven’t regretted it. It’s one of the few baby items in my home that adds to, rather than detracts from, our decor.” — Justine Feron

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“It worked wonders for us and was a lifesaver. I really think it helped my baby develop good sleep habits because she’s now 1 1/2 and sleeps between 10-12 hours a night. I would definitely recommend it to other parents.” — Shasha Mason

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“It may be dark magic, but I don’t care. This thing was the best baby gear purchase I made. My kiddo slept through the night every night from six weeks to six months. Worth every penny.” — Melanie Hopkins