Small Brands to Shop This Holiday Season

This has been a really hard year, and small businesses have taken on a great deal of financial strain as a result of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. One of the best things we could do this holiday season is show our support financially, and choose to do our holiday shopping on Main Street, rather than at a mega-retailer. In that spirit, we've put together a list of our very favorite products from small and independent brands—from 2020-chic fashionable face masks to dreamy pieces of jewelry, these gifts are sure to be a hit. And, as a bonus, you can rest assured your money is going towards a company that needs it more than Target or Amazon ever would.

Tyde Apparel cozy knit

I love this small company. Their sweaters are hand-dyed, non-toxic, and every sweater has variations so it feels individualistic. A portion of the proceeds goes towards Surfrider Foundation as well since their love for the ocean was the basis for the brand.” — Gabrielle Rosen

Lele Sadoughi face masks

These masks are not only super cute and feminine, they are the first I’ve found that really fit my face and don’t make my glasses fog up (nothing short of a miracle, I tell you). I love them so much. What makes them even better in my opinion is that they are from the ever so stylish and trendy independent brand, Lele Sadoughi! With so many businesses struggling this year, I’ve been trying to focus all of my holiday shopping towards supporting smaller businesses and brands, rather than supporting the especially huge corporations that don’t need our help.” — Madeleine Letellier

TG Lovera Creations Earrings

These gorgeous handmade earrings literally go with everything. All of TG Lovera Creations’ earrings are like miniature works of art, and I always get compliments and questions about them whenever I wear them out. They’re well-made and durable, and they come packaged with care in amazing patterned bags. If you’re looking to support a small business this holiday season, let this be one of them!” — Brooke Weber

MLE Gentlewoman's Agreement™ Necklace

This necklace has been on my wishlist for months! I love the design and the handshake is such a beautiful symbol of strength and togetherness, which is something we all need in a crazy year like 2020. And I’m way too excited about the convenient magnetic clasp! I’m really hoping this necklace will be under the tree for me on Christmas morning!” — Mary Deadrick

LuvScrub Mesh Body Exfoliator

I love my luv scrub! This is from a very cool small Black-owned business and it’s truly the best exfoliating wash cloth I’ve ever tried. It leaves your skin so soft without any irritation.” — Grace Atwood

Five Year Journal

A really simple way of tracking our journey through life. Super fun to look back and reflect on.” — Luke Neville

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