8 Sleeping Headphones That'll Help You Catch The Most Z's

Ever woken up tangled in cords like a mermaid caught in a net? Not exactly the Ariel fantasy you always dreamed of, right? But what alternative do you have if you want to drift off to sleep listening to a great Headspace meditation or some soothing music? Good news: there are sleeping headphones designed specifically to wear to bed that won't have you waking up worried you've stopped circulation to your ears with an aux cord.

The perfect pair of sleep headphones could depend on multiple factors. From the position you sleep in (dedicated side sleeper over here) to your budget to your needs, there's a different pair for everyone. If you've been on the hunt for a pair of headphones that'll help lull you to sleep, here are eight we think can do the trick.

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Hoomband Wireless

The Hoomband features wireless speakers embedded into a comfortable foam headband. Thanks to its flat surface and tight (but not too tight) stretch fabric, it’s ideal for side sleepers who might find other options like earbuds and traditional over-ear headphones uncomfortable. The most unique thing about the Hoombang, however, is that it comes complete with an app that features over 100 hours of meditations, ASMR, and ambient noise to help lull you to sleep. Plus, you can also use Bluetooth to listen to your own audio.

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For those who aren’t so keen on banded sleeping headphones, Bedphones are the answer. These over-the-ear speakers sit flatly against your ear making them ideal for side sleepers since they eliminate some of the bulk of a traditional earbud. While they do feature a wire, it wraps perfectly along the back of the next to prevent any sort of tangling as you sleep. Plus, those wires are home to an inline microphone and control system so that you can take calls and control your music without grabbing your phone.

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Bose Sleepbuds II

For those okay splurging on sleeping headphones, the Bose Sleepbuds II are the way to go — especially for sleepers who love white noise. The sleek buds draw from the Bose Sound Library which features over 50 tonally different sounds from nature to white noise making this set ideal for those who prefer noise to spoke meditations or ASMR. The Sleepbuds are also noise-canceling, so if you’re traveling and looking to get some sleep on the plane or if your partner is just a noisy sleep, they’re particularly ideal.

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Joseche Sleep Headphones and Eye Mask

Are you someone who needs total dark and no outside noise in order to sleep? Meet the Joseche Sleep Headphones. Unlike other models, this comfortable speaker system doubles as an eye mask. On the sides, you’ll find small speakers that go over the ear to emit sound while the front of the headphones features a large swatch of cushioned velvet to block out light. The headphones are velcro adjustable, washable, and at $22, they’re also affordable.

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Amazfit Zenbuds

Looking for something that takes a holistic approach to your sleep? Amazfit’s Zenbuds are a sleep tracker and analyzer, ambient noisemaker, and alarm clock all rolled into two tiny earbuds. These aren’t your typical earbuds, either. Instead of protruding from the ear, they fit inside making sleep easy if you roll onto your side. Then, of course, there are the features. Not only do the Zenbuds cancel ambient noises, but they also measure your heart rate and sleep patterns to provide an analysis of your rest. Plus, they’re useful in the daytime as well. With the accompanying app, you can use the Zenbuds to increase productivity by setting timers for the Pomodoro method. All of this in one set of earbuds? Yes, please!

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AcousticSheep Classic SleepPhones

Sometimes, simple can be best. If that’s your motto, the AcousticSheep SleepPhones are for you. The sleeping headband comes in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) to fit a variety of people, and the soft, stretch material is washable. Inside of it, you’ll find small speakers that fit over the ear to help block out noise and play your favorite music, meditations, or ambient noise as you sleep. While they are corded, it’s a whopping four feet long, so you’ll have plenty of room to move around at night, and if you’re looking to gift these to someone who might not be the most tech-savvy, they’re ideal.

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Musicozy's Sleep Headphones

A multi-use product that’s affordable? Sign us up! Musicozy’s sleep headphones are exactly that. Unlike other headbands, this one is designed to be used for both sleep and activity. Yes, you can use its Bluetooth speakers to lull yourself to sleep at night by listening to ambient noise or music. But you can also don these headphones as you go for a run or take a spin class. With special moisture-wicking material and cooling fabric, they’re ideal whether you’re an athlete, a really ho sleeper, or hey, both.

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MMUSS Ultra Thin Pillow Speakers

Not keen on wearing a headband to sleep? Wary of keeping something inside your ear as you toss and turn? Welcome to the solution. These tiny, flat speakers are actually designed to be replacements for existing headbands, but the clever thing you can do with them is to insert them under your pillowcase and created a pillow speaker instead. If you have a partner that doesn’t mind the sound or if you sleep alone, it’s the ideal alternative and ultra-affordable.