She’ll Get Your Pulse Racing: Swears from Fitness Instructor Garner Pilat

Brooklyn and cheerleader are not necessarily words you see in the same sentence, but for our friend Garner Pilat, it makes perfect sense. Garner was a cheerleader at the University of Georgia (no biggie, it’s not like sports are important there) and a spin instructor in Atlanta before picking up and moving to the Big Apple to work as a personal trainer. A fitness pro through and through, Garner ultimately scored the plum role of helping to launch Orangetheory in Brooklyn as a head coach, studio manager and trainer. If you haven’t tried Orangetheory Fitness (aka OTF), it’s a high intensity workout we swear by that pushes you to the brink and at times makes you feel you want to puke. But in a “good” way. Eleven times a week, Garner taps down into that well of enthusiasm and encouragement to motivate her clients to sprint, squat, and generally up their fitness games. We love classes with Garner because of her sunny, can-do disposition paired with a badass, take-no-prisoners vibe. Oh, and the music. Garner loves her R&B, hip hop, and Rihanna. “I spend hours making my playlists because if the music sucks, it’s not a good time.” See what we mean? Brooklyn cheerleader. We asked Garner to share some of the top fitness gear and gadgets that she swears by to get you prepped to sweat.

Lululemon Backpack

I’m constantly on the go and always need multiple sets of workout clothes and shoes on hand, so the top-loading shape is a game changer because I can stuff it until I break it. It has a pouch for your sneakers and a zipper at the bottom where you can put your dirty clothes. I also keep my laptop in there, basically my whole life, because it has so many pockets!

Adidas Waterbottle

Everybody knows that good hydration is so critical to your overall health, but it can be hard to remind yourself to drink enough water. My recommendation is to halve your weight in pounds, and that’s how many ounces of water you should drink daily. This 32 oz bottle is huge and helps me get to my target. My overall take on goal-setting is to set lots of short term, attainable goals and suddenly the bigger picture objective feels more achievable. Nobody should say ‘I want to lose 70 lbs this month.’ Nope. Not gonna happen. But planning to work out 3 times in a week or to drink more water for 3 days in a row are short-term goals that will get you there.

Apple Watch Nike+

It keeps up with my steps, which I’m a huge proponent of, and I like to record all my workouts. I’m friends with other trainers with Apple Watches, and it will send me notifications when they work out or finish a routine, which is motivating. There are always goals to achieve. It records your heart rate and gives you a summary once a month of how many workouts you track. It has my life on here. I don’t use it every second of the day, but it’s useful when my iPhone isn’t near me so I can still get notifications. It also has the ‘find your phone’ feature, which is helpful because I’m always losing my phone! Oh, and I like to get some inexpensive bands from Amazon to change up the look and make it feel more like a fashion watch.

Saucony Women's Ride 9 Running Shoe

Always work out on a Monday. If you can get it done on a Monday, it sets the tone for the whole week. If you are tired, you’ll feel better after the workout. I like a statement shoe. The brighter, the better! They’re super bright but also super supportive. Saucony has an old-school shape that can look a little bulky, but this shoe is just so great for running, whether it’s in the studio or on the street.

Adidas Performance Women's Ultraboost X

I used to be a Nike girl and then I had a friend who got me on Adidas which are so comfortable and have a mesh upper that makes them breathable. You should change your sneakers every six months, but no one really does that. I have many different sneakers and I just trade them out. These are my lifestyle, casual sneakers. I have four pairs of these, sometimes I use them to work out if I forget my running shoes. Again, so comfortable. It feels like you’re walking on clouds!

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