Self-Care Essentials You NEED Right Now

This is no time to skimp when it comes to the important things: wine, chocolate, and lots and lots of “me time.” (And hey, chocolate is a proven immune system booster!). For other self-care essential ideas, we turned to our coterie of SwearBy experts—all brimming with ideas that will have you saying “aaaah” in no time.

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book

“When I’m overwhelmed and need to stop thinking, I color. I can stop and pick it up whenever the mood strikes, and there’s something about reverting back to a childhood pastime that comforts me. This beautifully illustrated books was one of the first ones I bought—it’s filled with tons of detail and patterns that are a joy to fill in.”  —Katie Macdonald

Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat

“I invested in this mat years ago and know that it will be a part of my self-care and wellness routine for years to come. It provides just the right amount of padding and grip, and it allows me to practice yoga whether or not I’m able to make it to the studio. Even if I just get on the mat for an easy stretching session after work, it helps me leave stress behind and focus on myself.” — Christie Calucchia

natureofthings Restorative Floral Bath, 4 oz./ 120 mL

“Sure, recommending a bath soak that costs over $100 is extremely ‘pinkies up’ of me, but this isn’t your average drugstore Mr. Bubble. This concrete-sprayed bottle is the exact bath product Madonna turns to when luxuriating in her own extra-ness. It’s the weighty, architectural objet d’art your teak tub caddy has been aching for. The syrupy soap within feels equal parts clean and romantic and mysterious, like bathing under a waterfall. Better yet (for my fellow realists out there) when this tub is tapped, you can easily refill it with a soak that’s *not* $100+ and no one will be any wiser. With packaging design this impressive, you’ll probably even fool yourself.” — Laura Reilly

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller

“Doing a skincare routine is the self-care act I do for myself every day. While I like to switch things up and try out different products, this is the one constant I always use. Not only does it help the products seep into my skin faster, but it also provides a calming facial massage. I like to keep it in the fridge, so it feels extra refreshing and helps reduce puffiness.” — Rebecca Carhart

Boy Smells June's Scented Candle

“I’m a sucker for candles and right now, they’ve become an even bigger part of my nightly self-care ritual. I love all Boy Smells unique scents, but this one holds a special place in my heart. It was inspired by—and made for—my favorite wine bar in Austin, where I’d often treat myself to an afternoon glass of wine and fried chicken sandwich while pouring over a book outside. It brings back wonderful memories and its notes of bergamot and anise instantly put my brain in soothe-mode.” — Jayla Andrulonis

Spa Towel Headband

“This Velcro terry cloth headband looks and works just like the ones they use at the spa I visit for facials. Before I wash my face, apply a mask, or slather on any of my go-to skincare products, I’ll pull my hair back using this handy headband. It’s perfect for keeping my hair clean and also makes my nighttime routine feel just a bit more relaxing and indulgent—like a trip the spa!” — Jessica Leigh Mattern

Bellocq Tea & Preserves

“Bellocq is a magical tea shop a couple blocks away from my apartment. I only discovered it a couple months ago, even though I’ve lived by it for two years now. It’s easy to miss because it’s on a quiet street, tucked behind two huge heavy metal doors. But when you walk in there are green vines hanging off of every surface and the entire store smells of sandalwood incense. There is always a plate of fresh tea in tiny cups on the table to try and they have a huge table with all the loose leaf tea they have, imported from all over the world, ready to smell. Their tea transports me to another place, as does their fresh jam which I spread on toast every weekend, and drinking it at home feels like an escape.” — Tara Gonzalez

Souldaring Dare Cards

“After a long winter I was feeling like I needed to recharge my spirit. These cards are so thoughtfully curated. It’s a fun way to mix up my morning routine and I’m looking forward to giving these as a gift to friends who also love a little spiritual pick me up!”—Taylor Barry

Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion with Heat

“Oooo this massages those sore muscles so good! It’s honestly as good as it can get without real hands. It can work out some knots too. The hear feels so nice. Durable product that I’ve had zero issues with over a couple of years.”—Jada Jimenez

Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask

“Acid Peels. I LOVE THEM. So trust me, when I say this is the best that I’ve found for my dry, mid-thirties skin. Gentle enough to use a few times a week, but strong enough to provide a real instant glow. Not to mention – this jar will last FOREVER. This is now a ride-or-die in my skincare kit.”—Beth Beauchamp

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