Secrets of a Brooklyn Fashion Stylist: What Liz Teich Swears By

Brooklyn-based stylist Liz Teich has been styling for brands and advertising clients for more than a decade. Recently, Liz has incorporated personal styling and closet cleansing services, which has proven to be a life-saver for busy moms in New York, just like herself.

Liz’s passion for fashion started as a child when she created custom dresses for her Barbies or designed new looks with her favorite toy, Fashion Plates. As a Gemini and natural communicator who loves people, she was practically born for the role. Liz’s style philosophy? “Clothes should make you feel confident and like you can take on the world,” says Liz. “If it doesn't, it's not worth wearing”. Her go-to fashion staple is a great jacket or blazer to transform any look, and she swears by felt hangers to streamline and organize a closet. “I like to set up their closets like I do for my shoots ̶ items separated by category and then in color order from light to dark.” She’ll even take photos of complete looks and organize them on her clients’ phones in seasonal albums to make the getting-ready morning dash a bit easier. (Talk about the VIP treatment!)

Check out Liz’s profile for more stylish Swears and read on for must-haves that this NYC fashion stylist swears by.

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

ESTEAM Personal Hand Held Steamer

“I recommend this to all my personal styling and closet-cleanse clients. It fits in my closet better than the industrial one I use when I style photo shoots, but it’s the same brand and works just as well. They also have a lifetime guarantee, so when mine stopped working after years of use, they replaced it for me!”

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Command Wire Hooks

“I also recommend these to my closet-cleanse clients, who most of the time live in NYC rentals. As much as we want to re-design our closets to work for us, we don’t always have the opportunity to drill into our walls. I own my Brooklyn condo and built a walk-in closet, but I still decided to use these in there because I’m constantly moving things around and love that I can change a hook without damaging my walls. They have a variety of styles based on your taste, including ones specific for jewelry, but I love the modern stainless steel look of these.”

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Levi's Wedgie Icon Jeans

“I always get compliments when I wear these high-waisted straight jeans. I bought them in a few colors because I loved them so much and even sized up when I was still working off the post-baby weight because I couldn’t live without them. I then gave those to my assistant and they looked amazing on her. They work on every body type and are a refreshing alternative to skinny jeans.”

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Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner Brush and Solution

“I discovered this product after I worked with a photo assistant who was a sneakerhead and had the whitest, cleanest sneakers I’ve ever seen, so I asked him what’s his secret. Apparently, this is the go-to product for sneakerheads and now I keep it in my styling kit and closet. It really does keep your sneakers bright white and it’s a bonus that it’s non-toxic.”

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion

“I frequently have clients that are insecure about their legs and some won’t expose them as a result, which is a shame. I have horrible veins in my legs because I’m on my feet all day for work, so I need to hide them as well. I despise the look of nude stockings so this is the next best thing to make your legs look more airbrushed/glowing and it’s all natural. I always recommend this to my clients over nude stockings. I even got some of the top plus-size models in the industry hooked on this product after I let them use it on set. It’s seriously worth every penny.”

Gap Live-In Pretty Plunge Bralette

“A model I was with on set had it as her ‘work bra,’ and it worked so well under almost everything, that it’s now become a staple for both my styling kit and my own life.”

Soma Vanishing Edge Underwear

“I was a long time thong wearer, but after having a baby, I wanted a bit more coverage and comfort. These are quite possibly the most perfect pair of underwear, and they have grips so they don’t shift around and give you VPL that most seamless underwear can do.”

Catbird Rings

“Hands down the coolest fine jewelry brand, and of course, it’s all made in Brooklyn. I love their delicate stackable rings. I wear them daily and always get asked about them on my shoots, even though they’re the simplest jewelry I own. I recently had one break on a shoot (I’m rough on my hands!) and they replaced it right away, so I’m definitely even more of a fan now.”

Rent the runway Unlimited

“This game-changing service helps me cut down on items in my closet because I have rotating options of designer pieces at my fingertips each week. I now shop much less as a result.”

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