Sajani Amarasiri's Swears for Living a Healthy and Ethical Lifestyle

Health and wellness to me is about not being judgmental, and instead approaching it with fun and balance. I came to America 11 years ago from Sri Lanka, and my idea of health and wellness had always been integrative — it was in the food we ate, in the slow island life, in the cultural and generational wisdom. That was a huge reason why I started Kola Goodies, to help answer the question: how do we create access to all these natural goodies we have on the other side of the world in a fun, equitable, and authentic way?

Living in the US, with my mother across the globe, I dearly missed the nourishing recipes she would cook and dreamed of bringing the same healing ingredients and comfort to my new community. So I adapted her Kola Kanda, our favorite breakfast recipe, into a simple and easy powdered formula. This was the inspiration for Kola Goodies and our Super Green Latte. Super Green Latte is the first of its kind on the market — a version of Kola Kanda made for the modern consumer. I aim to lead Kola Goodies with adaptability and resilience, all markers of my immigrant experience that led me to translate my Sri Lankan heritage to modern life in the States. With Kola, I’m proud to honor my roots while making wellness fun, balanced, and accessible. 

Super Green Latte

The hero product of my company, Kola Goodies! For some increased self-care, I make this on a stovetop, with coconut milk and cooked rice and blend it, so it’s closer to the original recipe. It’s a nice way to savor every sip.

HoliRoots Hair Oil - Fable & Mane

A super luxurious hair oil that I put in before going to bed to help strengthen my hair. I then just wash it off in the morning, and definitely notice a difference with this one!

Diaspora Co.

Ethically-sourced, delicious spices from India that you can feel good about adding to your recipes — turmeric and cardamom is what I currently have!

Topo Chico Mineral Water

It’s simple — mix grapefruit Topo Chico sparkling water with 1 tsp ASHWA-WOW. You’ll thank me later!

GO-TU Power Move

Another favorite from our Kola Goodies lineup, gotu kola helps maintain healthy neurotransmitter function for mental clarity, alertness and enhanced memory. Fill the bottle with water, add a tsp of GO-TU Power move, shake it up, and you’ve got a great infused drink. Put in a Blender Bottle for an infused drink.

Citrus Flower

A beautiful, low ABV alcohol made in Sonoma, California (near me!). I like that it tastes great alone or mixed in other cocktails, and with the low ABV, you can avoid any hangover feelings the next day.

Huestick in Found

This hue stick (for eyes, lips, cheek) is so versatile and instantly makes me feel more put-together. Perfect for Zoom calls!

Milk & Cardamom: Spectacular Cakes, Custards and More, Inspired by the Flavors of India

Having a balance in wellness is a huge thing for me—so taking some tasty recipes from this cookbook followed by some Goodies the next day for a reset is a perfect combo!

Snake Plant Laurentii

I think having greenery around can brighten a room instantly — not to mention, plants have excellent, natural air-filtering qualities. We just ordered this plant for the bedroom from The Sill, I love how it looks an especially the cute pot!

Sajani Amarasiri is on a mission to bring balanced wellness routines with ayurvedic wisdom to the world––one that includes gotu kola and a glass of wine. She cut her teeth at Microsoft and Amazon, specializing in tech supply chain management, before diving into her passion for connecting her roots to modern life. Her focus on connecting cultures and communities across the globe awarded her Google IO extended Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Sri Lanka in 2018. Sajani leads Kola Goodies with adaptability and resilience, all markers of her immigrant experience that led her to translate her Sri Lankan heritage to modern life in the States. Through Kola, Sajani is proud to honor her roots while making wellness fun.