Running Essentials

I've been a runner for a while now, having completed 6 full marathons and approximately 40 shorter races from 5K to half marathon. It keeps me in shape and helps me mange stress everyday. It took me a while to figure out what gear I needed as a runner and what worked best for training and day to day runs. I definitely spent money on products that didn't work and wish I had had someone to guide me, because there's so much unnecessary stuff out there. This list has all my essentials for running comfortably, whether you're training for a big race, or just getting out there a few times a week. Sure, there's more you can add to your arsenal, but this is a great place to start. Happy running!

Asics GEL-Cumulus 20

I’ve run 6 full marathons in these shoes and they’ve never let me down. Finding the right running shoe is personal, and you need to try a few to see what’s best for you. However, I feel like Asics offer the most versatile shoes for both beginners and advanced runners. They offer support which prevents injury, and hold up even with heavy use.

Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab

I’ve been wearing Feetures since my first race in 2014. They don’t slip, prevent blisters and hold up wash and wash. They are the best running and fitness socks you can find.

Organic Energy Chews | Honey Stinger

If you’re a long distance runner, you need fuel along the way. Most of the products out there are gross and full of corn syrup and other fake stuff. These are all natural and actually work. I’ve used them in my past two marathons and will never go back to gross gels. I love the cherry flavor.

Strappy Bra | Oiselle Running and Athletic Apparel for Women

Finally, NO MORE BOOB CHAFE! This bra offers support and is super comfortable at the same time. I just wore it for this past NYC marathon and felt great the whole 26.2 miles.

Women's Running Shorts & Skirts | Oiselle Running and Athletic Apparel for Women

I have a bunch of different shorts from Oiselle and love them all. Some are good for shorter runs, and others are great for longer distances because of the pockets for fuel. Compared to other brands, the price point is great and the quality is awesome. I also love how Oiselle is a female forward company and body type/ size inclusive.

Forerunner 235 | Garmin

A runner’s watch is essential if you want to learn about your pacing and distance. Even novice runners should have one to track distance, heart rate, pace, etc. Garmin makes the best, and I’ve only ever owned a Garmin. I use it for training runs, speed workouts, and always on race day. They aren’t cheap, but they are the most accurate and I’ve never had one die on me. I just upgrade sometimes!

Armpocket Racer Armband (fits up to 5.5" Phone) - Black/Silver

I can’t run without my phone. I need it for safety, in case I need to jump on a call, and of course to listen to music and podcasts while I’m out there. Keeping it in a pocket is uncomfortable and holding it is just annoying. I like these simple arm bands that hold my phone, but I can also shove my keys, ID and metro card in there behind the phone so I have everything I need out there. Waterproof is key too!

SoundSport Wireless Headphones | Bose Wireless Earbuds

Once you go wireless, you’ll never go back. Wires get in the way. I’m obsessed with using blue tooth headphones while running. They just pair with my iPhone and then I hit the road. The sound is great and I’m not getting tangled with the wires as I go. Water resistant is a must as well, and they last for up to 6 hours! If you’re running for more than six hours….well, we need to talk!

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