This Dyson Airwrap Alternative Is Less Than $50 For Prime Day

You probably never thought a brand most well known for its vacuums would become the creators of one of the most sought-after hair tools in the beauty space, but here we are. The Dyson Airwrap remains a coveted tool that is well worth its price tag, but let's be honest: It's an investment. Enter the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer. This affordable option might not have all of the do-dads and attachments of the Airwrap, but it's an oft-cited alternative, and it's on sale for Prime Day.

Fans of the Revlon One-Step see its round-brush design as a markedly less costly version of the Airwrap's similar attachment. Essentially, the One-Step is designed to not only dry your hair when it's damp but to also give it a perfectly sleek, blown-out look. And, it's actually even more affordable for Prime Day with a $45 price tag.

Designed to be ergonomic and featuring a cool grip at the top for better hold, the One-Step uses ionic technology as you run it through your hair to straighten and reduce frizz at the same time. With an oval shape and 4.25" barrel, it also helps to add volume at the root while giving that perfect blow-out bounce at the bottom. For those skeptical of heat styling, the brush's ceramic core helps heat disperse throughout the brush head resulting in evenly dried hair with less damage from repeated passes. Still, concerned about the heat? There are three different settings to choose from so you can control how hot the brush gets as it dries.

But what do people actually have to say about it? One user explains that she has four kids and long, wavy hair so time and effort are difficult to find, but the Revlon is "Unbelievable easy, and I didn’t even have to go back over it with a flat iron! Dry in record time and looks naturally straight (none of those odd bumps)!"

Another reviewer who considered grabbing the Dyson says, "It is exactly as advertised and ideal for the medium-length, lazy hair styler like me. I always loved the salon round brush and hairdryer blow-out look, but could never get the hang of doing it to myself. This item fixes the convoluted acrobatics one would usually have to pull. I love that the tip is cool enough to hold so that I use both hands to roll and pull the brush down and it is light enough that, even after doing my whole head in three layers, four sections each, my arms aren't tired!"

If you've been looking for the perfect new hairdryer or just can't bring yourself to invest $500 for one, Revlon's One-Step might be the way to go, and given its $45 price tag for Prime Day, it'll be hard to resist.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

Designed with an easy-to-grip handle, heat-controllable ceramic core, and an oval shape to add volume, the Revlon One-Step Dryer has become a must-have for those looking to avoid the cost of a Dyson Airwrap. With glowing reviews on Amazon, it’s definitely a product worth shopping.