This Pour Over Coffee Maker Is Half The Cost of Its Pricey Alternative For Prime Day

No, it's not Christmas, but one (or two) of the most wonderful days of the year are here — at least for Amazon shoppers. Amazon Prime Day is upon us, and before the actual event occurs on June 21 and June 22, the online retail giant is giving shoppers some deals early, like the Bodum Pour Over Coffeemaker.

Remember those fancy glass pour-over coffeemakers that went on Instagram? While not the worst price in the world, they typically run around $45. But for Prime Day, you can get the Bodum for just $20, and according to reviewers, it's a total dupe for the pour-over coffee maker that shall not be named.

But what's special about the Bodun that even makes it able to compete with more expensive brands? The Amazon Prime Day Deal comes with a permanent mesh filter making it a sustainable option (aka no paper filters), and thanks to that very filter, no flavor or essential oils from your grounds get absorbed and lost during the brewing process. Just like the pricier versions, the Bodum is made from glass so it's both safe and temperature resistant (but you know, don't touch the ultra-hot glass right after making your coffee). As for brew time, once you've boiled your water and let it come to a rest, it takes just four minutes after pouring to have a gorgeous cup of pour-over coffee.

But what do people actually have to say about it? One user explains that they had been considering investing in a pricier version but, "[I] chose this one because of the price, and the look, and the reviews. Now that I have had it for a few months, I don’t see any reason to get anything else."

Another purchaser says, "This is economical to buy, easy to care for, and it works splendidly. A great purchase if you're seeking a rich cup of morning joe without the bitterness."

If you're been on the hunt for a new coffeemaker but were skeptical of making an investment, Amazon Prime Day's Bodum Pour-Over deal might be the way to go.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker brews your morning cup of coffee in just four minutes and uses a mesh, permanent filter that’s more sustainable than traditional paper options. Plus, with its price tag, it’s half the cost of more expensive brands of coffee maker.