Pilates Guru Erika Bloom: Swears for Mind + Body

Our friend Erika Bloom makes self-care and a centered outlook look good. It might be hard not to notice Erika’s perfectly toned physique – or the princess hair that would make even Jennifer Aniston green with envy – but Erika would be the first to tell you that it’s not a healthy behavior to covet. With her Erika Bloom Pilates studios in well-heeled hotspots from LA to The Hamptons, NYC and CT, (even Turks & Caicos!), Erika customizes wellness regimes for athletes, celebrities, and other fitness-minded individuals. She certainly knows a thing or two about exercise, but what we love about Erika is that her approach to wellness so seamlessly connects mind and body, with a genuine thoughtfulness and spirituality derived from her Buddhist upbringing. And it’s a good thing she’s zen, because this gal is busy crisscrossing the country to visit her studios while tending to clients and her two kids. We were curious what our fit and mindful friend swears by, and lucky us, Erika invited us to her sun-soaked, downtown NYC apartment to share her Top 5 Swears:

Sakara Detox Water with Alkaline Chlorophyll

I find that, at night, I need a ritual to calm me down that isn’t a glass of wine, eating, or checking my phone. I’ve turned to Sakara’s Detox Water as a healthy ritual for a drink before I go to sleep. It has magnesium in it, so it helps with sleep as well as digestion. Plus, it has all kinds of amazing things that are great for anti-aging and ridding the body of harmful toxins.

The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate

It’s a book that was written by a forester based on studies that he did about trees and how they communicate and adapt to the environment. I found reading it to be almost a Buddhist experience, because it talks about how the tree doesn’t choose where to grow. The seed blows in the wind and lands. Underneath the soil, the trees are actually sending signals to each other, communicating, connecting their roots, and making choices to support the entire ecosystem. I find it to be a lesson in how to be resilient as a human but also interface with the people around me in a cooperative way.

‎Sleep Hypnosis Journey to Become Your Ideal Self by Michael Sealey

I grew up with Buddhism and found that the idea of ‘clearing your mind’ was really harmful. What I discovered through 30 or so years of meditating is that meditating is allowing yourself to understand the thoughts and do nothing but be present. For me, meditating is a mindfulness that can happen anywhere. I use Michael Sealey’s audio guided meditations and hypnosis on my iPhone when meditation is not enough for me. When I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about too many things, or when my emotions cause me to make bad choices, I turn to this soothing and centering audio guide. This isn’t one of those apps that teaches you how to meditate (although I think that there is no right or wrong way to do so). He has all these specific meditations like overthinking, anxiety, depression, sleep and you can do really specific positive mantras with him.

Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum

I love Tata Harper products because they are all-natural and organic so there’s no chemicals or toxins. This serum has anti-inflammatory properties and makes the skin look tight and smooth. It smells amazing. I use it night and day – it has a really nice finish for putting makeup over. It has ingredients that make your skin look better right away, but also improves its quality over time.

OPTP Galaxy AXIS Foam Roller

This roller is included in a prop kit that I have for clients at my studios. A foam roller is an important part of a fitness or wellness regime because it’s all about self-care with release. You’re lengthening the parts of your body that are tight or short while doing muscle work to support that. A roller helps shape and correct posture by addressing stability and mobility imbalances.

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