Outdoor Activities to Get Moving While Soaking up the Sun

Gaining the freshman 15 in college? To be expected. Gaining the Covid-19 15 during the year of international anxiety-induced comfort food eating? Almost guaranteed. And while there's nothing wrong with indulging in your favorite sweet and savory treats during these stressful times, there's no reason you shouldn't also be partaking in a little regular exercise to boost your immunity and make you feel better about the state of the world. We turned to the SwearBy pros for their best endorphin-inducing workouts, all of which are best enjoyed al fresco.

KanJam Outdoor Disc Game

I was never a big frisbee player (I’m definitely the indoorsiest person in Colorado), but all my friends in undergrad were on the ultimate frisbee team and OBSESSED with the sport, all caps. So I just might have to purchase this USA-made KanJam Outdoor Disc Game for our next college reunion. Says Karla Lint: “We have several of these stashed all over! From kids to adults, this game is always a crowd-pleaser.” Bonus: she says the goals come apart and store flat, which helps for storage and travel.

Needak Hard-Bounce Rebounder

Is anyone else having flashbacks to the carefree days of childhood just *looking* at this thing? I loooong to jump on it during the 85-degree days we’ve been having. “It’s the best exercise I found,” says wellness guru Jenise Parris. “It’s fun and easy.” Honestly, sign me up. Now.

Rx Smart Gear Rx Jump Rope

Running makes me yawn. But jump roping is instantly fun while torching the same amount of calories as running a six-minute mile. Los Angeles personal trainer Astrid Swan is obsessed with this particular industrial-grade jump rope: “This is the rope I use to get a great cardio workout without the treadmill,” she says. “Jump roping is fast, quick, and doesn’t take up any room. I’ll do 20 double unders and then go into strength and alternate, or 100 jumps and then 15 bench presses and do a circuit. It’s a nice way to get your heart rate up…and if you can remember your childhood, you can do it!”

Aaptiv Personal Training

Personal training in your pocket? Yes plz. “I work from home and am a mom of a an active little boy, so I really wanted to find a fitness program that I could fit into my schedule,” says Jen Stewart. “Aaptiv offers it all and is on-demand, so you can use this inside at a gym or outside in your backyard or park. It’s kept me motivated and in shape. I swear that you’ll love it too!” We love that you can pick whatever floats your workout boat, from outdoor running to backyard yoga. 200,000 members can’t be wrong.

Titan Fitness 3-in-1 Portable Foam Plyometric Box

Crossfit seems like it would be about 10 bajillion times more enjoyable outdoors on a gorgeous day than in a sweaty, stinky enclosed gym. And these might be all you need to get the effect in your own garden. “With one box, you can have three heights—20″ 24″ 30″ —to accommodate all of your workout needs,” says Christine Morrison. “As a Crossfitter who has fallen (and bled!) one too many times doing box jumps on a wooden box, this is a game-changer. Lightweight and portable make it fun for family use as well — you’ll be surprised how high even the youngest children can jump!” 

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