10 New Job Gifts Anyone Can Use

Change can be hard, even when it's exciting. Getting a new job is certainly both. Whether someone is making a complete career change, landing their first adult gig, or switching companies, a little moral support in the form of a new job gift is always a sweet gesture.

While a flower delivery is always a nice choice to help a loved one celebrate, if you're looking for something a bit more personal or practical, this list of swears from our editors is the perfect place to start. From traditional options like planners, notebooks, and stationary to self-care gifts (because work is hard), here are 10 new job gifts to provide a boost of encouragement for your move-making friend.



Photo credit: Courtesy of Papier

Papier Starbursts Notebook

Papier has the most gorgeous notebooks, and there’s a design for everyone. From animal print to celestial images to classic, minimalist designs, all of the brand’s notebooks are beautiful. It’s not just how the notebooks look, though. The hardback versions are ultra-sturdy, travel-friendly, and ideal for jotting down everything from daily tasks to notes to grocery lists. It just doesn’t hurt things that they’re so stunning.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Cuyana

Cuyana Classic Leather Tote

“I love a big leather bag that I can put my laptop in but that I can also use as a purse. It’s not realistic for me that I can carry a purse that doesn’t hold a laptop! The best part about this is that it has an organizational insert that has compartments for everything. I have it monogrammed, which I always love.” — Jamie Grobecker

Photo credit: Courtesy of Muji

Muji Acrylic Storage Drawers

“I use this in every room. For jewelry, for make-up, for pens, and miscellaneous stationery. I just like the sleek look it gives. It displays things beautifully as it keeps everything organized. It forces you to keep things neat, too, since whatever is inside is always on display. I waited for the sale and picked 4 of these up at $10 each. Crazy good sale! I love Muji.” — Veronica Montillano

Photo credit: Courtesy of Hey Dewy

Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier

“I keep this USB-powered humidifier at my desk and plug it in on dry skin days. It’s completely silent, and it helps counter the effects of dry office air.” — Rachel Sylvester

Photo credit: Courtesy of bkr

BKR Water Bottle

“I love my bkr water bottle! I initially used a smaller one, then upgraded to the full liter size. It’s perfect for busy days at the office or super sweaty workout classes because it holds more water than most bottles. It’s all glass inside, so you know nothing creepy is leaching into your water. It’s sturdy (never tips over) and pretty solid (the silicone sleeve protects the glass really well.) And it’s super cute.
I just ordered the cap that fits a lip balm (because who doesn’t need a lip balm with them at all times?!) — Excited to try and will report back!” — Kelsey O’Connell

Photo credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie

Anthropologie Reusable Travel Flatware

“This flatware set is both super sturdy and beautiful. I keep them for desk lunches at work, and I love how the interlocking design is both a space-saver and means I don’t have to shuffle through my drawer to find my knife or spoon.” — Katie Macdonald

Photo credit: Courtesy of Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars Wine Subscription

Bright Cellars is the perfect wine subscription service. You’ll get four personalized bottles sent right to your door for $80 a month. You choose whether you’d like red, wine, or a mix of both. Plus, you can check your wines beforehand and switch out any you think you may not like. Coming home to a perfect glass of wine each night is the ideal gift.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Nespresso

Nespresso Vertuo Chrome Coffee Maker

“This machine makes me so happy. Every. Damn. Morning. The coffee is delish and no more half-drunk leaky pots in my kitchen.” — Vanessa Menton

Photo credit: Courtesy of Erin Condren

Erin Condren LifePlanner

“As a mom, wife, and woman with her own business, there are tons of deadlines that are needed to be made. Notes are always great on paper, as well as directions, how-to’s, reminders, and passwords. Why not keep them all with you in an organized beautiful book.” — Natasha D’Anna

Photo credit: Courtesy of Rothy's

Rothy's Pointed Toe Flats

“These little beauties are not only sustainable but made from recycled water bottles, washable, and comfortable. I put these to the test — a full day of New York City wear. They kept me comfortable, stylish, and walking fast, which is so important for me when I’m tearing around the city. I can’t count the number of times I’m stepping pretty in super stylish shoes, but I can’t keep up the NYC pace. I like to move fast when I’m rushing from one place to another. I need to be able to sprint if the ferry is pulling in or have to make it home in time to pick up the kiddos! Thank you, Rothy’s: Gold star! And the red is just as rich and vibrant as its photo!” — Alice Keefe