My Pregnancy Workout Must-Haves

Here I am - talking about my pregnancy again. But it's a time when so many things become abruptly and dramatically different in your life, so I think it warrants a little extra attention. I've found the advice and guidance of women who have paved the way before me to be so genuinely helpful, so I hope to offer a little of this value with those following me.

I have been extremely lucky to have felt really pretty good throughout my 36+ weeks of pregnancy, so I've been able to continue a regular workout routine. In fact, to be completely honest, the only times that I've really experienced pregnancy aches and pains was when I took significant time off from stretching and moving my body (looking at you, Christmas vacation at home.) Of course, I've needed to modify a lot, from the clothing I wear (finally have some boobs that need support in a cardio class!), to the workouts I do, to the even more insane amount of hydration I crave. Below - a roundup of some of my favorites that have been crucial for comfortably and happily making it through this time!

FPC - Prenatal Fitness

I’ve been taking the occasional class at FPC throughout my pregnancy, and they’ve been the perfect way to educate myself throughout each stage of the process. The studio’s workout is specifically created with a pregnant or post-partum body’s needs in mind, so you can be confident that not only is everything you’re directed to do safe, it’s also helping prepare your body for birth or helping it heal! In addition to the standard classes, I attended a workshop, and that was a game changer. Led by the studio’s founder, Joni, the class covered breathing techniques and the physiology behind the changes that pregnancy brings to your body. It absolutely helped give me a better understanding of how and why to make adjustments to my workout in pregnancy, and I’ve been able to apply these techniques to all my classes.

Belle Force Sweetheart Bra

Disclaimer : this is my product from my activewear brand, Belle Force. But here’s the thing – I am actually obsessed with this piece, because I made it to be exactly what I was looking for and couldn’t find. It’s pretty and feminine (ruched, sweetheart neckline in front, cutout cross strap detail in the back), but it’s also supportive, and it stands up to jumping, running, and all kinds of athletic activity. (To be honest, I didn’t have real boobs until I got pregnant, and now I get it. Truly.) We make everything at a factory in Manhattan’s garment district, and I personally check each piece for quality, so I can promise you these are made in a good place by people treated fairly, using high quality, functional fabrics and lots of love. I love it SO much, in the process of making it and even more in the process of wearing it, so I’d feel bad not sharing some of that love. Hope you do, too. 🙂

Maternity GapFit Blackout Full Panel Full Length Leggings | Gap

I was able to get by with super stretchy high waisted Belle Force leggings for a good portion of my pregnancy, but when I needed to size up to maternity, these were a great option. They’re supportive, yet comfortable. I purchased a few pairs so as to always have some on hand for workouts leading up to bebe!

BKR Water Bottle

I love my bkr water bottle! I initially used a smaller one, then upgraded to the full liter size. It’s perfect for busy days at the office or super sweaty workout classes, because it holds more water than most bottles. It’s all glass inside, so you know nothing creepy is leeching into your water. It’s sturdy (never tips over) and pretty solid (the silicone sleeve protects the glass really well.) And it’s super cute. If that weren’t perfect enough, they’ve created a special cap + lip balm combo that goes on top of the bottle. So that you can have your water and your lip gloss (two items I can’t physically go more than 15 minutes without) together at all times. How genius.

Curie Regular Formula Deodorant

I’ve been trying to make the switch to natural deodorant for awhile, and now that I’m expecting, it’s even more important to me. I have tried a number of brands, and some work ok, but smell like a pine tree. Or they’re really dry and rough to apply. Or they just don’t work. So far, Curie is by far my favorite option that I’ve tried. It smells lovely – soft and light – and it works quite well. I have noticed a little bit of underarm irritation occasionally, so next time I order I’m going to try their “sensitive skin” formula to see if that helps. Will report back once I’ve tried on whether that solves the issue and if that version is still as effective.

After 10 years working as a fashion designer, Kelsey left the corporate world to launch her own collection of feminine, functional activewear - BELLE FORCE - in 2017. With a ballet inspiration, commitment to using high-end, performance materials, and a passion for NYC and the Manhattan garment manufacturing industry, the product embodies the name and ethos of the brand - celebrating beautiful strength. As a small business owner and, recently, mom-to-be (due March '19!), there is no time (or space!) in life for products that don't live up to their promises. Kelsey is sharing (and hunting for) those items she has found to be effective, accessible, safe and beautiful!