My Favorite Products for Hydrated and Glowing Skin

I've compiled my go-to, SwearBy, products that keep my skin looking fresh and healthy all year long. From toners to serums to masks to sprays, here you'll find my personal arsenal of products that actually work. Goodbye dull skin!!

Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

This is an amazing product for dry and damaged skin. I used to use this every night and woke up with soft, moisturized skin. I really found out just how amazing it was on vacation with my husband in Bermuda. He fell asleep without sunblock on in the sun and got a horrible burn on most of his arms, chest and legs. For lack of anything to put on it, I immediately found the most gentle and moisturizing thing in my makeup kit, which happened to be the Boscia sleeping mask. Not only did his skin stop burning, but after three applications it almost completely healed. So then I knew this was a miracle product.

Heritage Store Rosewater and Glycerin Spray

This is a spray I’ve been using since my mom made it for me when I wasn’t 12. I started using it on my face every night after cleansing as the only step in my skincare routine. It made my dry skin glow, and gave my skin a very smooth texture. Fast forward to now when I found it in spray form, this is so versatile and effective, I use it on my body in winter when no other moisturizer works, on my face when I feel like my skin is dull, dry, and too textured. It works so well that my husband ordered a few bottles of his own for the dryness he was feeling in winter.

pores no more® Vacuum Cleaner

Okay so it’s a steep price tag, but after using this once a week for a few months, I’ve noticed how smooth and clear of blackheads my nose has been. This is a product that requires a very small amount on the target areas of your face. For me that was my nose. It’s super effective and I rarely have any issues with pores or blackheads anymore, since I’ve started using this.

Kiehl's Scented Lip Balm

I hate those lip balms that claim to make your lips smooth and moisturized, yet you have to reapply them ten times a day. This is the only lip balm I’ve yet to find which actually heals chapped lips, and I don’t have to keep reapplying every couple of hours. In fact, I apply it nightly before bed and my lips stay hydrated throughout. My lips rarely get chapped anymore, and I’ve actually been using the same tube for about 8 months. So I’d say it’s well worth the money.

Kiko Milano Hydra Pro Mask

This mask makes my skin feel amazingly smooth and plump. It has hyaluronic acid, and feels so soft and gentle on the skin after application. It smells so subtle and fragrant, like flowers and milk. I love this mask, it’s also a steal at this price point. I used this before my friends wedding for a few weeks and had the most radiant skin of my life.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

This is the most effective serum I’ve used for glowing skin each morning when I wake up. I use this at night and I swear to you, I saw results from the first ever use. Make sure you use marula oil after applying this though, I noticed it was less effective without. However, if your skin is dull and has pigmentation, this is a God send. I love this serum, and despite the hefty price tag, I keep going back.

Cirem Cosmetics HCR 3-IN-1 Serum Anti-Aging Cream

I got this in my glossybox limited edition holiday box. I paid $40 and got about seven products (if I remember correctly) so I basically got this at a fraction of the price. Using it regularly day and night for a few weeks however has made my skin look amazinggg. My pigmentation has been much more controlled. My skin has a nice glow, and feels much more smooth. It has vit C for glow, hyaluronic acid for plumping, and retinol for fixing fine lines, and honestly it has been such a great product for my skin. I have started going makeup free more and more with this, which I never could have done before. Very impressed with this.

Lather Bulgarian Rose Phyto-Nutrient Elixir

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now. This is an amazing toner, it makes my skin feel nourished and makes my makeup go on much dewier after. I absolutely adore this, it has a very subtle rose scent that I love and contains sooo many great natural products for the skin. Definitely worth the money. Plus lather is a great company which uses natural ingredients, and is completely women owned and run! Win win.

Alder New York Everyday Face Serum

This is my favorite skin serum for when you want a great product at an affordable price point (relatively). It has a powerhouse of nutrients for the skin like salicin rich willow bark, rosemary extract, and vitamin B3, all of which balance oil and reduce inflammation, reduce redness and even skin tone. It also has Hyaluronic acid that plumps and fills in fine lines and wrinkles. The amazing part is that it’s cruelty free and vegan. Formulated without SLS and SLES, parabens, PEGs, formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasing agents, silicone, phthalates and synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, EDTA, BHA and BHT, hydroquinone, triclosan, or triclocarban. The only downside is it has a bit of an unpleasant smell because of the lack of fragrance, but that’s a trade off I’m willing to make for how great it’s been on my skin so far!

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

This is my favorite cleanser! It’s so gentle on my skim (I have dry and sensitive skin). It cleans my face and gets all the grit and makeup off without stripping my face of moisture. It contains glycerin and aloe leaf extract to heal and moisturize skin. My face doesn’t feel tight at all after washing. I love this.

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