My Face Feels Like a Custard Bun

Weird flex, but okay. If you've ever felt a custard bun, they're steamed little custard pastries that feel soft, smooth, and plush. And lo and behold, I've settled into a skincare routine that's made my skin feel that exact way. Of course, keep in mind that skin reacts in different ways, and these are the products that personally work for mine. I have normal skin with occasional over-oiliness or uneven texture/hyperpigmentation. As a student, all-nighters frequently take a toll and lead to dullness, so these products are *clutch* in restoring glow. Here they are listed out in order of how I do my routine.

Purity Made Simple Cleanser - philosophy

This cleanser is a good all-in-one step in effectively washing off the day, leaving my skin feeling fresh and renewed. I’m not the hugest fan of micellar water or wasteful makeup removing pads, so I love this particular formula. It has a nice scent too that smells clean and posh. It’s a bit on the pricey end, but a little goes a long way and mine’s lasted me a while.

Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling - Lemon - Neogen Dermalogy

I’ve been pulling a few all-nighters this semester, sometimes I’ve also just fallen asleep exhausted without having cleaned my face. I feel like such stress days mess with my skin’s texture, makes it dull and tired. So I do like these gauze pads a lot because they bring my skin back to life with a nice glow and smoothness. One side exfoliates, and the other side is a soft padded side to follow it up. I have normal/oily skin too so this formula works well for me personally.

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner

I use Thayers every day, alternating between rose and lavender. It’s such a refreshing toner and I like to use a spray bottle to mist it onto my skin. Toning, in a way, has helped me maintain a more disciplined skincare routine, and Thayers is my ride-or-die. It’s definitely the most invigorating part of my skincare routine, especially with the lovely subtle scent of rose (there’s an unscented one and other scents as well for your liking). Because toner helps the skin absorb essence and moisturizer more deeply my face feels so smooth and glowy afterwards. If you’re new to incorporating toner to your routine, this would be a perfect toner to use, especially at an affordable price-point.

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence

Okay, I’m still unsure of whether or not essence is a *must*. But I gotta say, Pixi’s spot on in classifying this under their Skintreats. This feel sooooo nice on my skin and so relaxing. The scent is kinda rosy, kinda phresh. I can see the little encapsulated oils before I pat and blend them out onto my face for absorption. This in conjunction with my other skin care fave definitely add an extra element of softness and plush to my skin. And can we talk about how adorable the packaging is?

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Minis Original & Pink Grapefruit Infusion

First off, I did get the minis pack, but mine was Original & Vanilla Citron. I can’t find Vanilla Citron now, so it might’ve been limited edition, which is a bummer because it smells so good. So I can’t vouch for the Grapefruit scent, but there are a variety of scents if you’d like to check those out too. Okay— now to the actual product. There’s a reason the Ultra Repair Cream’s garnered so many fans and glowing reviews. It really is “intense hydration.” I use it right after toning (or occasionally essence) for even better absorption and it leaves my skin so nourished and soft. It’s a pretty no-nonsense and effective moisturizer that I love for both daytime and as an overnight moisturizer.

I'm Real Sheet Mask (Set of 2)

I JUST finished my final exams and my skin showed my exhaustion— dull, tired, neglected, and a bit dry. So as I write this, I’m treating myself to a sheet mask from Tony Moly, which is an all-around favorite because of the variety of mask types and the affordable price as well. Sheet masks are great because there’s no post-mask washing involved, or dried clay getting stuck in your hairline. I love just patting in the essence afterwards and everything’s good to go. Tony Moly masks are fun, relaxing, and skin softening for an added stress-relief step in your skincare routine. You can substitute this for the essence step as the mask coats your face in an essence anyway.

I'm a Filipina-American law student who's into fashion, cuisine, beauty, literature, and art. I also scour the net for the most reasonably priced finds because #StudentDebt . I'll be so delighted if my thoughts and opinions help a few gals out!