9 Must-Have Bedding Essentials That'll Help You Sleep Like a Baby

If you've ever zonked out between the mega-high thread count sheets of a 5-star hotel, you know the truth: the secret to a restorative night's sleep is in topnotch bedding. Any itchy blanket or less-than-pillowy mattress can give you nightmares. So we turned to SwearBy's most well-rested contributors for their tips on maximizing beauty sleep, whether that means investing in a bouffant-saving silk pillowcase or a weighted blanket that would make Sleeping Beauty herself swoon. 

Boll & Branch Solid Hemmed Duvet Cover

300-count, soft and organic? Yes! This duvet wears well over time, is breathable, and looks beautiful all the while featuring cotton that is truly organic –meaning, not carrying the toxic heavy chemicals that unfortunately go into conventional cotton. We have the shams as well, and plan to buy the sheets next…”—Christine Morrison

Buffy Comforter

Did Buffy’s 30-day trial – and I’m hooked. I could not send it back afterward, in fact, I’m not sure I could live without it. It’s super fluffy and comfy, but I don’t find myself getting overheated in it. You don’t neeeed a duvet cover with it, but I use one since I’ve got 2 cats and 2 dogs. Speaking of – the day I first put this blanket on my bed I came upstairs to find all of them chilling on it. Super rare sight. Everyone here is a Buffy lover!”—Lexi Ehrman

The Casper Pillow - Standard

Hands down, the best pillow I have ever owned. I usually have neck pains from bad pillows and I’ve tried memory foam and everything, but they’re just not comfy enough. The Casper pillow provides support and comfort! As long as you follow the care instructions and fluff it properly, it maintains it’s shape! The best part is it’s machine washable

For some reason it is cheaper on the target site than it is on the Casper site, so better to get it from target!”—Missy Galang

Target Vintage Wash Solid Sheet Set

“The quality of these sheets is surprisingly good and a staple at our home. I love the classic white and they compare with other luxury brands on the market.”—Nancy Deane

Slip Silk Pillowcase

Probably the priciest thing I swear by but I LOVE my Slip Silk pillowcase for so many reasons.

Firstly, I never get my pillow stolen by my husband anymore 😉

Secondly, in my old age I’ve been really noticing how much products affect my skin – and hard bad sheets have come up as a culprit to a lot of dry, red itchy skin issues for me.

The Slip Silk pillowcase leaves my face crease-free in the morning and my hair a little less smushed…I really feel like my skin and hair get such a better night’s sleep with this lush fabric. I feel like I can justify the price seeing as I literally use this product for at least 8 hours a day ;)”—Daphne Bourne

Pure Beech® 100% Modal Sateen Sheet Set

I take sleep VERY seriously and these deliciously cozy sheets strike that perfect balance between silky-smooth and cuddly-soft that create the dreamiest bed imaginable. The silkiness adds a coolness that keeps is refreshing yet still remains breathable, but they also have that cozy soft touch that keeps you warm and snuggled. They lay beautifully smooth and wrinkle-free on your bed and hold up well in the wash too. In short, they are pure, snuggled, dreamy bliss.”—Lindsay Colameo

Brookstone Weighted Blanket

This blanket provides weight and warmth. I have never slept better than I have with this blanket on my bed. Perfect to use on the couch when watching a movie or over your comforter in bed. The key to a restful sleep.”—Isabella Southwick

Muji French Feather Duvet

Best for warmth. I got mine while living abroad where indoor heating was not as generous as the US. I feel like I’m sleeping surrounded by clouds. Not heavy despite loftiness. Feel like you can sleep in the tundra with this thing. Great quality, has not lost feathers/loftiness over the years.”—Yehua Yang

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