Must Have Beauty Tools

Since the launch of the "Pink Tool Box" twenty years ago, I have wanted to assemble my own tool kit -- for beauty, of course.  But it was not until the past few years that substantial accessories, high-tech devices developed to perform a range of tasks, were sufficient enough to fulfill my dream.

Whether you take your time, or buy them all at once, you will find merit in these gadgets that go from cleansing to face lifting.

GloPRO At-Home Microneedling Regeneration Roller

Regardless of your affinity for DIY, you will love the GloPro, a microneedling device Women’s Wear Daily has called, “Beauty’s new cult device.” I use mine a few times weekly (but should use it daily considering all that it can do!). I roll it gently (otherwise it hurts!) over my face to stimulate the skin to trigger rejuvenation — which leads to increased production of collagen and elastin. My fave part is the immediate effect of my next two products (usually a serum and night cream) I apply. They penetrate my skin and I can really feel them working. My derm agrees that these products have more efficacy because they go deep below the surface.

Dermaflash One Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal DeviceBlue

It is incredible to be have the right tool at home to dermaplane — no more waiting for a spa appointment. Dermaflash is the exact right size to maneuver and get the results every. single. time. Videos to guide — and educate — you at the start.

Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar

A now nightly ritual, the Gold Sculpting Bar leaves my clean face tingly and firm — as if I have had a great facial massage. Rolling up and over the temples and forehead also alleviates tension. But the neck just might reap the greatest benefit, as the gold bar lifts skin up with its vibrations.

Face Cupping Kit

What satisfaction you feel running these across your face, knowing you are increasing circulation and boosting collagen — when it simply just feels so good.

Christine is a former fashion and beauty executive currently dividing her time between freelance writing, raising identical twin boys, adoring her cyclist banker husband, and Crossfitting as often as possible. She contributes all things fashion, beauty and wellness to print and online publications and is currently working on her first book featuring essays about the trials of growing up and finding her authentic self as told through what she wore. Read Christine's musings, published essays and copywriting excerpts on her website: and follow her at @writinginblackandwhite.