Mona Sharma's Morning Routine Is a Holistic Approach to Wellness

Mona Sharma's morning routine started when she was a little girl. The health and wellness educator and founder of Xicama spent her youthful summers on an Ashram. "My dad would tap me on my shoulder to wake me up at 5:30 in the morning," she tells Swearby. "Which, as a kid, felt like torture. But what I recognize now is that making me take part in those practices when I was little became my blueprint for today." 

Those practices? They're now part of Sharma's Ayurvedic approach to her mornings. Everything she does in the AM focuses on the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. It's the same link she emphasizes to her clients (which happen to include celebrities like Will Smith). These first-of-the-day moments are "the biggest benefit and gamechanger you can give yourself" according to the wellness and nutrition expert. Why? Because according to Sharma, we're all in a constant state of "go" that begins first thing in the morning. 

"The number one question I ask my clients is how do you want to feel every day?" she explains. "Most people will say they want more calmness, more clarity, and more energy. Yet, they don’t even acknowledge that first thing in the morning. Start your day on the right note instead of the typical note of stress, anxiety, and worry."

How does Sharma accomplish this in her own life? Go through her entire morning routine swear by swear below.

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Copper Tongue Scraper

“I’m up pretty early as the mom of two little kids. On the days where I get an extra minute, the first thing I do is start with a body scan. I scan from my toes all the way up to my head giving gratitude for my body’s function. Moving my joints, especially as I get older, is important. I do a five-minute stretch in bed. After that, I get straight up, brush my teeth, and use a tongue scraper.

I grew up with a knowledge of Ayurveda, which is a form of ancient science, and in Ayurveda, we typically use a copper tongue scraper. Scraping your tongue all the way from the back rinses the white mucus off your tongue. During the night, the body detoxifies, replenishes, and expels waste. When you look at your tongue first thing in the morning, this is the excess that we want to remove from our bodies. Tongue scraping also helps to ignite the power of our digestive system so that we’re not taking in all that toxin into the body. In Ayurveda, there’s a big focus on bettering your digestion; Tongue scraping helps support the enzymes you’re producing, your teeth, and your immune system as well. We want to help remove those excess toxins every day.”

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Trace Mineral Drops

“After brushing my teeth and tongue scraping, I drink half a liter or liter of water. Water and hydration for me first thing in the morning is a game-changer. It supports your digestion, detoxifies the body, supports our bowel system to ignite a bowel movement first thing in the morning is really essential.

I typically add some Trace Mineral Drops, half a lemon or lime, or a little bit of sea salt. With the state of our soil today, the minerals that we would have typically gotten from our soil are becoming depleted, and with my clients, I tell them that despite their best efforts in purchasing whole foods, we find that our blood is actually deficient in these minerals. I keep a bottle of Trace Minerals right next to my water. The benefits are for your bones and immune system. It helps your blood and energy as well. Adding Trace Minerals to your water is essential, especially if you’re somebody who is sweating every day or has a persistent exercise process, or somebody who is skipping meals. You may not be getting the diversity of minerals from foods that you’re eating. This is a way to hack your health with a great supplement.”

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Kion Organic Coffee

“I try to incorporate my kids into my morning ritual. Usually, they’re with me throughout this process. Something we do first thing in the morning is born some palo santo or sage. It’s a way for them to practice a mindfulness practice. We’ll cleanse the energy, we’ll set an intention for the day. Then, I go into the kitchen and have my first cup of coffee.

As a nutritionist, I love coffee. Your coffee is important. We’re so aware of things like mycotoxins, preservatives, and herbicides that coffee beans can be roasted with and are toxic. You want to look for a quality coffee brand — one that’s organic and mold tested. Kion Coffee is tested for all of these things, and they also have a really great decaf flavor, too.

I’ll do my meditation, simply as I hit the go button on my coffee maker. I’ll take three deep breaths in, I’ll set an intention for my day, and calm my mind.”

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De'Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine

“My investment in a coffee machine was the De’Longhi, it’s called a La Specialista. You can do your cappuccino, get your milk frother, or espresso which I absolutely love. So it is my choice.”

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HAELO Symphony One

“Once I’ve had my coffee, I go straight into the business of the day: maybe lunches for my kids. When I do this, I play sound healing waves to set a vibration in my home. Once the kids are out the door, I go into my power three: exercise, using my HAELO Device, and having a green smoothie.

Whether I use the Haelo before my workout or after, it helps to set the tone of the day. You’re honoring your body’s system, energy, and cells without doing anything forceful. It’s calming, and it’s soothing. In a world where we are so tapped and stressed, we’re looking for gimmicks, practices, and rituals — going hard. My Haelo is something that allows me to tune in to repair, rejuvenate, support my body’s magnetic fields, reduce inflammation, and improve my cellular energy.”

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Gaiam Yoga Wheel

“I’ll work out for a minimum of 20-30 minutes a day. It’s my non-negotiable. We think we need to go hardcore with exercise. For me, when I was feeling my worst, that was when I was going to the gym and working out too much. I would say to ask yourself this question: what type of movement makes you feel great? Is it dance? Pilates? Doing the peloton? Doing weight-bearing exercises? Or is it simply going for a walk? Whatever that thing is that really shifts your state and makes you feel good, do more of that. Schedule it into your day.

Yoga for me connects mind and body, and it’s also weight-bearing enough for me that I know that it is something beneficial for how I start my day. I use the mind and body together. Yoga gives me that. Yoga is my heart center movement for sure.

Instead of using a yoga block, the Gaiam Wheel is an actual arch for your back to mimic the shape of your spin. You can do a backbend where you can breathe into your heart and open your heart center. It feels like a very supported prop to help you instead of a rigid hard block.”

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Saje Peppermint Halo Cooling & Soothing Oil Blend

“I love using oils for a few reasons. First, in Ayurveda we speak of not only digesting what we eat; we also digest what we smell, what we see, what we hear, and what we touch. Essential oils have the ability to support our emotional health and physical reactions in the body due to the medicinal benefits. I love using the essential roll-on oils from Saje because they’re easy to use and travel with, and they’re also customized to accommodate your needs. The formulations benefit from relieving tension, boosting energy, supporting relaxation or mental focus and clarity, relieving congestion or muscle pain and so much more.”