Michele Falcone Swears These Are Must-Haves For Coachella

Festival season is upon us. Coachella weekend one starts in a few days + I wanted to give y’all some tips while packing your bags for the weekend. It doesn’t matter if you snagged a general admission or a VIP pass, the items included in this story are great for anyone attending. Word to the wise: check the Coachella website to see what you can + can’t bring in. You don’t want your glass water bottle confiscated, or your aerosol can of dry shampoo that you just bought chucked.

Don’t forget to layer, stay hydrated + to have fun!

CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle

These bottles are super durable + easy to clean. The bright colors are the best! We bought an extra one on amazon for $8 (sometimes you can find random colors on sale) to take to Coachella in case it’s gets lost in the chaos.

Nuun Vitamins

I’m not a fan of water, so I always have to find new ways to consume it, as I get dehydrated easily. These tablets are perfect for hydrating + getting important vitamins into your body. I break them up into 4 pieces, then either add into a glass of water or a 16 oz water bottle. These are perfect on the go – I keep a tube in my purse, one on my nightstand + one in my travel bag.

EltaMD®| EltaMD® SPF 30+ UV Facial Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen | Physical Sunscreen With Zinc

I’m picky about the sunscreen I use on my face, and this one makes the cut. Does not make my face break out, feels fantastic on my skin and provides excellent coverage.

Sunshine & Glitter Sea Star Sparkle SPF 50+ Rainbow Glitter Sunscreen

This stuff is the bee’s knees. I bought it to have some fun in the sun at Disneyland, but love sporting this wherever I go! I usually just use this on my arms + legs (I use a formula without glitter for my face, only because I’m a spaz + will probably get glitter in my eye). Adds the perfect amount of sparkle!

Mermaid Party Pack

I purchased these solely to take to Coachella to protect us from dust storms. Little did I realize these would also become my favorite headbands! Super sturdy, wash well + great for the price. Don’t hesitate on snagging these. I’m definitely not a raver + was hesitant to buy. Glad I decided to purchase these!

O2 Cool Pocket Carabiner Fan

This is perfect to clip onto your bag, water bottle, belt loop, etc. Helps cool you off when you’re hot + sweaty. It’s the perfect size for travel as well.

EO Sanitizing Hand Spray Organic Lavender with Echinacea

I love finding items that are travel friendly. This is a perfect size to toss into a backpack, purse or carry on. I love lavender, so this scent is fantastic to me!

Repel Sportsmen Insect Repellent Wipes

Perfect to take on a weekend trip. Instead of carrying around another bottle of liquid, I pack these instead. Takes up less space, convenient + TSA friendly for those of us who only take carry-ons.

Honest Baby Wipes

Gentle on the skin, cute packaging + a great price for a quality product! I don’t have kids, but always keep baby wipes in my glove box juuuuuust in case I need to clean my hands.

Hunter Original High Gloss Waterproof Boot

These are the creme de la creme of rain boots. They’re super comfy, keep your feet toasty + look great with an array of outfits. Princess Diana rocked Hunter boots, so if they’re good enough for royalty, they’re definitely worth checking out. Also, it doesn’t have to be raining to sport these beauties – they’re festival faves as well. I’ll be sporting mine at Coachella Weekend 2!

A New Yorker who moved back to the East Coast after a brief stint in Southern California, Michele is the Operations Manager and Website Manager for Enjoy The Ride Records, a record label that specializes in vinyl. Michele is also a freelance writer and music reviewer who never sports normal hair + can’t live without coffee (trust us, she tried + failed miserably), evo’s The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask, or the curated car collection she shares with her fiancé.