Kinship’s Glowy SPF Is The Perfect Under Makeup Sunscreen

So you've cleansed your skin, applied your skincare, and most importantly, you've layered on sunscreen. Now, it's time for makeup. But if you're anything like me, this is where the problems start. First, there's a white tint all over your face. Second, your foundation is not agreeing with your SPF, and there's some seriously strange bunching of product happening that just is not going to fly. Skipping sunscreen, though? That's an absolute no-go.

Enter: Kinship's sunscreen, Self-Reflect.

I've tried my fair share of sunscreens, and I've found a few that work well under makeup, but nothing has provided a non-greasy glow-from-within like this beauty. The formula is a mineral sunscreen which means it's absorbed into the skin and helps UV rays reflect off your complexion. Plus, it is SPF 32 so it's in line with the amount of protection dermatologists recommend. Basically, it does the job it's designed to do, but it's so much more than just sunscreen.

The thing that makes Self-Reflect so unique is how well it plays with makeup. In my experience, some sunscreens (regardless of whether mineral or chemical) sit on the skin in a thick layer that never really absorbs. Place a foundation on top, and you're asking for a cakey mess. Self-Reflect has the opposite effect. The formula was created to be moisturizing and sink into the complexion (and it does!). Plus, it has turmeric to soothe the skin as well as probiotics to protect and repair the skin barrier. Basically, it's kind of like an SPF that can double as a moisturizer.

While there are no claims from the brand that the sunscreen can act as a makeup primer, oh boy, does it work well as one. The product dries down relatively matte on the skin but still leaves a slight sheen behind for a natural glow that's seen when worn on its own or when worn under makeup. Plus, there's a bit of tackiness to the skin after application that allows makeup to grip hold and stay in place.

One important thing to note about this sunscreen: I have a fair skin tone, so I didn't notice the product leaving behind a white cast once dried down. However, for melanin-rich skin, this is a possibility. But, there are several reviewers of color on YouTube like Yvanna BrookeGlow By Ramón, and Simply Ije who have all offered their thoughts on the product as well as reviews on both the Kinship and Ulta websites that speak to how it performs on Brown and Black skin.

If you've been looking for a sunscreen that not only protects your skin but works well under makeup, Kinship's Self Reflect is one product I swear by.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Ulta

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