Makeup Meltdown? 3 Must-Have Products For Flawless Makeup All Day

Who has time for touch ups nowadays? If you're like me, a lunch break is a fancy term referring to a lackluster salad eaten at your desk. Taking time to touch up makeup is just not something I can budget for in my busy workdays. Luckily, I found these 3 products that allow me to apply my makeup in the morning and not think about it again until it's time to wash it off.

Dior Backstage Eye Prime

I have sensitive eyes, and what good is an eyeshadow primer if your eyes are going to water all day and night? This Dior Eyeshadow Primer is the answer to my smokey eye prayers. Applied on clean lids before eyeliner and shadow, this helps shadow apply true-to-shade and holds it in place all day without creasing. You can easily apply with fingers or a brush and even the most sensitive eyes won’t shed a tear. This is a staple in my makeup kit and my personal makeup bag alike.


I love love LOVE this sunscreen. It’s fragrance-free, has blurring pigments in it, and doubles as an incredible makeup primer. Though, I find this has enough blurring power to skip foundation most days, it helps makeup stay all day and go on more evenly. Spf 50 makes sure my fair skin is protected, and the airless pump keeps the product stable. It has a silicone base so it’s good for sensitive skin and oily and combination skin types.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

This miracle setting mist keeps my makeup looking flawless for the entire day or night, and this is no small feat. Without it, I’ll have mascara under my eyes and creased shadow within 2 hours, but this holds everything in place without creating a caked or dry look like other setting sprays. When working on set, it makes my job much easier, reducing the amount of touch ups needed. I love it, swear by it, and will never be without it!

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