Life Planners to Help You Get Organized

There's no escaping using technology for nearly every part of our lives, but there’s something in me that just cannot get on board with Google calendars. I need to put paper and pen together to solidify dates and to-do lists. (And yes, that’s a need, not a want.) Like kitchen stores, stationery and office supply boutiques are my happy places. So thank you, good people of SwearBy, for introducing me to this collection of stylish yet on-task life planners. I’m going to go ahead and cross “get organized” off my list.'s Rough Draft Large Notebook

Are you, like me, someone who prefers to “pencil” things in rather than etch them in stone? Introducing your new bestie. “No shade to Google Docs, but I’m a huge fan of handwritten to-do lists,” says Jayla Adrulonis. “Since making the transition to working from home, I’ve found a lot of comfort in my daily written list-making as a way to maintain organization and structure. This one from is my current favorite and has plenty of space between the lines. Plus, starting the workday with a glitter-covered notebook and a little inspo’ on the front never hurts.” Jayla, you get me. And now, I’m going to get this.

Knock Knock Notepads

“When it comes to organization I have an insatiable to-do list,” says Jennifer Laski. “I’m constantly writing and combining lists on the back of literally anything. Everything in my life somehow becomes a to-do list (mail, loose papers).” She upgrades the back-of-the-envelope with these significantly more fun versions, which are (yes!) only $7.

Full Focus PLanner

Want a productivity expert to help guide you through your workdays? Well, you can. “This planner has revolutionized my business,” says Kate Cihon of this progress-charting tool, which keeps you focused on (and actually achieving) your goals, whether for the day, the month or the year. “I swear by my Daily Big 3. I set a goal every night before I leave the office to tackle those big 3 items by 10 AM (if possible) then I know I’m on track for the day. In addition to keeping me on track with my business, there are also goals for the weekend including Recreation / Rejuvenation and Relationships.” Another perk: the planner comes with online video tutorials to maximize productivity. Procrastinators, take note. 

Erin Condren LifePlanner

If you’ve ever wanted to design your own custom planner, from colors to cover layouts, this is your pick. “As a mom, wife, and woman with her own business there are tons of deadlines that need to be made,” says Natasha D’Anna, who uses this colorful planner for reminders and passwords.” Chelsea Broughton is equally addicted to it. “I am a planner addict, but I’ve had a hard time finding a planner that has everything I need. This is the best one I’ve used. My entire life is in my planner and this makes it easy to fit it all in perfectly. The customization options and add-ons are life-changing.”

Moleskine 18-Month Softcover Planner

Moleskine has been my planner du jour for years, and I’m not alone. “I haven’t found anything that beats the softcover planner, which gives me enough space to mark weekly events and a fully lined facing-page that lets me make compulsive things-to-do lists or engage in the occasional doodle,” says Anddrea Castillo. “It looks sleek on the outside but leaves me with enough space inside to go crazy with stickers. Also, Mark Zuckerberg can’t read anything I write in here!” Now THAT is a perk.

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