10 Pool Toys for Kids of All Ages

Sure, when it comes to pool time, for most adults, it's all about leisurely floating and relaxation. If you have kids, however, you're well aware that things are much more active. If you're on the hunt for ways to help your kids have more fun in the sun, these 10 kids' pool toys are one way to go.

Whether you've got a toddler who needs some fun wind-up toys or pre-teens looking for new games to play, SwearBy has you covered. Even if you're working with an inflatable kiddie pool this year (which is still just as fun), we've got toys for you, too. With affordable pricing, rave reviews from our editors and Amazon reviewers, these kids pool toys are all but guaranteeing you'll have a fun pool day with the fam.


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HeyTech 25-Pack Dive Pool Toys

Sometimes, one toy isn’t enough. That’s when you need this collection of diving toys. From gemstones that sink to the bottom of the pool like buried treasure to underwater torpedos to foam squirt guns, there’s a little bit of everything in this kit, and the price is certainly right at under $15!

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Watermelon Ball – The Ultimate Swimming Pool Game

This isn’t your average beach ball. The Watermelon Ball is designed to mimic the way a watermelon sinks and then slowly floats to the surface. What this means for pool games — particularly ones for kids who are a bit older — is that the fun can be taken underwater. It can be dribbled, passed, or bounced all underwater allowing users to create their own underwater games while using it.

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Niwoed Bath Toys

Sure, technically, these are bath toys, but to little kids, they’re for any body of water, so why not use them in the pool, too. The adorable aquatic animals (and the cute but not so aquatic pig) are actually wind-up toys that will shoot over the surface of the water giving your baby something to chase from the safety of their pool float. Plus, that adorable pig is actually a squirt toy for even more interactive water fun.

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Sun Squad Max Liquidator 2 pack

“If you are looking for some water fun with the kids, these are great! I have a set of these at home for the pool and keep a set at my parent’s cabin in Wisconsin. We have had so many traditional water guns which jam with sand when taken to the beach. The sand does not seem to faze these water blasters!” — Karla L.

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Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops

Hey, older kids need toys, too, and this inflatable volleyball set is perfect. Set it up whenever your kids want to play and let out the air when you don’t want a giant floating volleyball net in your pool. Yes, the ball is included, and there are weights for either in so that it stays steady in the water. One Amazon reviewer writes, “We have been having some really good times with this. It is sturdy and even though we jump all over it, it has not even worn out at all.”

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Inflatable Pool Ring Toss Pool Game

Looking for the perfect game for a group of kids? This inflatable ring toss is perfect for ages four and up. Whether you choose to keep score using the points on the side or just have a chill game attempting to get the rings onto the hoops as the waves of the pool and the wind sends it swaying, it’ll offer plenty of entertainment.

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Fishing Floating Squirts Toy and Water Scoop with Organizer Bag

For those with toddlers and younger kids, this collection of floating animal toys is perfect for the pool. Three of the adorable, brightly-hued toys are actually squirting toys that allow your child to splash in the water, and the reel actually cranks for a bit of faux fishing fun. Plus, reviewers love this collection of toys. One Amazon user writes, “My 2-year-old granddaughter loved this the moment she saw it. She loves to play with it in our pool each week when she is here. It dries quickly and the net bag makes it easy to put the little toys in one place and have them wait for the return visit the following week. The toys are soft squirt plastic and then there are the hard plastic ones. The little fishing rod is also a cute feature.”

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EVA Throwing Circles Pool Game

While many kids’ pool toys are made for larger-sized swimming pools, this smaller toy will work great if your family has an inflatable one this summer. At just over a foot wide and a foot tall, this tinier option will be great for kids who are getting used to the water in smaller areas. While sure, older kids can use the toy and keep score with the points listed on the toy, younger kids can enjoy the fun splashes of the balls as they try to ring the hoops.

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Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars

“My son first saw this at his cousin’s house. Guess how long it took for us to get one — as fast as Amazon Prime could deliver. It’s a wonderful bath toy for sure. He also used it in his splash pool in the yard and took it to the beach one day to see it float on the ocean. Imagination! Oh, and I put it in the dishwasher after that visit to the ocean; came out clean. Now he is 7 and doesn’t really play with it, but I am holding onto it for when little ones visit.” — Sarah T.

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FOSUBOO Pool Basketball Hoop Set for Kids

Get competitive in the water with this basketball game. The set comes with a sturdy, floating hoop, two inflatable balls, and a pump to make inflation easier. If you’ve got kids who love sports, this will likely be a hit. One Amazon reviewer says, “This has been a blast in the pool this summer! It’s great for fun for the whole family. Sometimes lounging on a pool float is okay, but my family likes to have a little more activity and also some healthy competition! We have had a great time playing basketball in the pool. It is easy to assemble and stays afloat well.”