Kiana Reeves' Swears for Sexual Wellness, Self Care, and Healthy Intimacy

Raise your hand if you've ever cried after you had an orgasm. You, my friend, are not alone! Pleasurable sex allows you to connect with yourself in ways you wouldn't be able to otherwise.
Sexual wellness integrates so many important and valuable part of our lives; pleasure, knowing how your body works, reproductive health, the cycles our bodies go through across a lifespan, intimacy and relationship, body image, emotional wellbeing, and at the heart of it – being able to navigate our lives from a deeply embodied and fulfilling place.
There is nothing I love more than talking about the importance of pleasure in our lives – and not just pleasure for pleasure's sake. Truly, the opportunity this brings us goes beyond feeling good in the bedroom, pleasure is life-affirming and a form of activism that supports personal and collective healing. Sexual wellness is one of the most impactful, yet undervalued topics in the wellness industry. It is a tall order I know, but when your life is filled with pleasure and heart-opening sex (with yourself or with a partner) it helps some things fall away (like stress and anxiety) and builds up what really matters (like connection, love, and what we personally feel passionate about).
To put it bluntly – there are parts of the subconscious and parts of our emotional body we only access when we are having sex. These are often our deep inner longings, sublimated desires, and true needs. In the end, I see sexual wellness and pleasure as a compass we can all use to understand ourselves better, and most importantly, an experience to use as we look at the collective heartbreak of this moment in our society and help address it.

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Kiana Reeves is a somatic sex educator, pelvic care practitioner, certified doula, and Foria's Chief Education Officer. Kiana started her career in birth work as a full spectrum doula, working with mothers and families during birth, postpartum, abortion, and miscarriage. The more she studied, the more she realized society’s need for better education around female pleasure, intimacy, and sexual wellness from a holistic perspective. This realization sparked her passion for understanding the connection between wellness, sexuality, birth, intimacy, and the many cycles of change women experience during their lifespan. Her interest in these conversations ultimately led her to become a voice for Foria as Chief Education Officer. With a commitment to educating around individual’s connectivity to sexual experiences and their bodies, Kiana harnesses her certifications and qualifications to help drive Foria’s product development, messaging, educational content. Kiana’s work brings Foria to the forefront of the sexual wellness dialogue, focusing on how the products help to enhance pleasure, relieve pain, and support optimal wellbeing for women and people with vulvas. Prior to joining Foria, Kiana founded her own company called The Tulip, centered around women’s pelvic health.