Keeping (Wo)Man's Best Friend Happy and Healthy

There is nothing that can compare to the bond that a person has with their dog. We have a notoriously picky little princess in our house -- a 75-pound boxer named Biscuit. She is the light of our life. My fiance and I don't have kids, and she is our baby. It's been a lot of trial and error to find out what she loves, what she hates, and what she needs. After four years, we have it down pretty much to a science. Unfortunately, all that trial and error can be pricey. To save you that heartache, of adorable toys that your dog hates, here are Biscuit's top five!

I and Love And You You Beef Bully Stix Dog Treats

These are great quality. I love that they’re from exclusively free range cattle. These are by far my dog’s favorite treats and they last 20-30 minutes at a time. They do smell. A lot. But what’s a half hour of bad smells when we’re talking about the happiness of my best friend?

KONG Wobbler Dog Toy

Our dog can be kind of gluttonous. This has helped slow down her eating a huge amount. Instead of putting food in her bowl, we’ll put it in this, and then she’ll bat it around for half an hour, really working for the dinner. It’s hard plastic, so there’s no way for her to pick it up, so it is really getting hit around for the full half hour. It holds about a cup, and it also has a hefty weighted bottom to keep it upright. I can’t recommend this enough!


We have a four year old boxer, who is a pretty big girl. She’s about 80 pounds of muscle, not fat, and is an intense chewer. Toys do not stand a chance. We love getting Barkbox because every month it’s two new toys, and three treats that she can rip apart, and then we start over the next month. The toys are surprisingly durable, and the treats are grain-free and made in either the US or Canada!

Furbliss Multi-Use Deshedding and Massaging Brush

We have a shorthaired dog that tends to shed more than I’d like. She’s also white, so you can imagine how great it is to be running out of the house to work and seeing that my favorite black dress is covered in tiny white hairs. This has made a huge difference in terms of managing her shedding. She also likes how nice and massaging the little silicone nubs are. It’s made it a lot easier to get her to sit still for brushing!

West Paw Tizzi Dog Toy

This is both indestructible and easy to keep the dog entertained with. We fill the cavity with peanut butter, or throw it around the yard. It is lovingly called “peanut butter crotch man” in our house, and our four-year-old boxer hasn’t broken it in all four years!

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