Will Katia Pryce's Swears Give you a DanceBody? See What She Swears By...

Katia Pryce moved to New York City in hopes of becoming Broadway’s next big triple threat, and she nailed it...in a slightly different way. Katia turned her passion for dance into DanceBody, a global dance fitness empire with online classes and boutique studios, one of which, yes, is on Broadway. “I wanted to have an athletic range of motion in the form of dance,” and the result is a sexy, inspirational, and challenging program that sculpts a lean and mean “dance body" for dancers and non-dancers alike. While visiting the TriBeCa studio, we claim two-left-feet syndrome, but Katia reassures us that "non-dancers are my dream clients!" We believe her, and can't resist getting drawn into this energetic world where fun and killer moves reign, powered by Katia and a squad of dancers who have that "it" factor for performance. (Exhibit A: check out the hypnotizing DanceBody Instagram)

In growing DanceBody from a personal, in-class experience to a global online platform, Katia danced her way into an entrepreneurial world where she’s teaching class twice a day, developing branded products, choreographing proprietary routines, and maintaining the company’s global network. While the early part of her career was all about pushing her physical limits by training eight hours a day, now it’s all about preservation and long-term health. "It’s a different game when you age and your body starts to regenerate differently. I like to think of it as entrepreneurial survival.” As a fitness mogul, she needs a regimen to keep up her physical strength, energy, and mental capability all at once. So if Tom Brady’s method isn’t exactly your cup of collagen coffee, here are the products that Katia Swears by to prevent burning out in both the office and the gym.

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Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack

“Backpacks are a must for me. I show up for every business meeting with one. I especially love this neoprene one because the fabric keeps clean from sweat and New York air. I haven’t used it in the summer yet, but I’m sure it would be great after breaking a sweat in the heat. This is my go-to bag for going from the gym to the conference room.”

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Vital Proteins Unflavored Collagen Peptides

“I’m definitely not the girl with the perfect green juice and detox diet. I don’t spend hours squeezing lemon juice into water…that’s just not for me. Vital Proteins collagen is the only thing I’ve been able to stick to in terms of a morning health drink. It’s fast protein that helps replace the collagen you lose as you age, so it helps keep nails and skin strong and healthy. What I love about it is that the product is completely tasteless, so I can add it into my morning coffee, no problem. I put the collagen in my cup and pour the coffee on top, then add some coconut oil. I call it my rock-star coffee! This is a routine that I know I can do and will still have my coffee in seconds, which is why it’s stuck with me for so long. When I’m running late and can’t craft the perfect avocado toast, this will get me through my first meeting. It’s wonderful.”

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GOATCase Anti-Gravity iPhone Case

“This phone case is the best kept-secret I have. It’s a gravity-defying phone case that can stick to flat surfaces like windows and mirrors. It really does hold perfectly. They’re amazing for taking videos of class and getting social media content for DanceBody. All the instructors love them because we’re all visual people. One time I bought them for my entire team for Christmas, so it also makes a great gift.”

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Plant People Stay Sharp Hemp and Herbal Capsules for Brain Health

“These herbal supplements are an amazing source of natural energy. They’re CBD-based products that help me with focus, energy, and mental clarity. I take them every morning and it works like a charm. They’re an adaptogen, so you need to take them consistently to allow the effects to build over time. It’s pretty awesome how well they work for me.”

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Nuun Energy Ginger Lemonade Tablets

“These are all-natural tablets of electrolytes that you can put in your water. After teaching two hours of back-to-back classes, the sugars in my body are just depleted. It’s nice to use this to regenerate and get a little kick for the next hour or so.”

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M-61 Power Cleanse Glycolic Face Cleanser

“I found this tea tree cleanser while shopping in Blue Mercury. I didn’t know they had their own line of products until then, but I totally got sold on it. It’s a phenomenal product. My skin is very prone to breakouts and my life can be high-stress at times, so it’s important for me to have a cleanser that gets the job done. It’s all-natural and works wonders for me. I definitely would recommend this more for the summer than the winter because the effects can be drying.”

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Smith's Rosebud Salve

“I’ve been using it for years. I was having allergic reactions to my lips for some reason, and that was the only brand I could use! It’s perfect and gives my lips a little shine. I bring it in with me to every class. I’m completely obsessed, and have it in every pocket, jacket, and bag.”

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