Jennifer Laski's Swears for a Busy Life, On and Off the Set

Jennifer Laski knows a thing or two about multi-tasking. As the Photo & Video Director at The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard Magazine, she orchestrates over 600 photo and video shoots per year, juggling at least 10 shoots at any given time. She directs hundreds of crewmembers while partnering with the management teams of Hollywood’s A-listers, all while managing to keep two kids alive at home. Team SwearBy was immediately drawn to Jennifer because she makes sh*t happen, and we particularly fell in love when we heard this story…

Two years ago, Jennifer looked around and realized that her team on set wasn’t diverse enough, and so she made a commitment to increase diversity and get to a 50/50 split of men and women. “It takes time. You can’t just do it overnight. You have to find the talent and then nurture them along the way, but in the end, it’s worth it. When the room is 50/50, the room is calmer, more balanced. When you bring in more than one point of view, the room gets more interesting.” Amen.

Another reason to love Jen? While not a voracious consumer, she’s certainly a discerning one. “I don’t need a lot of stuff. I want to keep my carbon footprint small. But when you find something that really works, especially when you’re really busy, you rely on it. And, that information is something I’m happy to share with others.” In between shoots and on her way to finish planning her son’s birthday party, we caught up with Jen to ask about some of her signature Swears that work for her as she balances and juggles her busy life.

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé

“I buy several of these, maybe four, at a time. This beige shade is perfect for day and night. I use it every day, all the time, and I think it would look amazing on virtually anybody. And, a plus, it’s not sticky, either.”

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Hand Forged Custom Jewelry by MadreDeOlivia

“I love this shop on Etsy for earrings, stackable rings, monogrammed bracelets and necklaces, and more. My friend who does it changes up the products and is lovely to work with. I wear a ton of stackable rings and a lot of them are from her, necklaces too. The price point is excellent and she also does customization. So chic and simple with a natural, organic feel.”

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Knock Knock Notepads

“When it comes to organization I have an insatiable to-do-list habit. I’m constantly writing and combining lists on the back of literally anything. Everything in my life somehow becomes a to-do list (mail, loose papers), but I also buy them at Paper Source, Urban Outfitters, Office Depot, or these fun ones from Knock Knock.”

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Le Labo Fragrances Rose 31

“I’ve been wearing the same perfume forever, but recently someone gave me Le Labo, Rose 31. It has a smokey, rosey smell and it comes in the little vials so I have one stashed in my desk, my bag, anywhere. It comes in a really great set, and I love the presentation. I travel a lot for work and it’s not going to get confiscated at TSA. I literally thought I was going to wear Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee for the rest of my life until I discovered this scent!”

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

The RealReal Vintage Chanel Wallet

“The Real Real is not new, but it’s a relatively new discovery to me. I was looking to sell some items, but I got drawn in. I found this vintage Chanel wallet for less than $300, and I dropped a hint to my parents that it would make a great Christmas gift. It’s in excellent condition and so simple, but every time I pull it out, people will comment on how beautiful it is.”

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Peter Lindbergh’s Vision on Fashion Photography

“A good photo editor friend and I love old-school photography books from people like Irving Penn and especially Peter Lindbergh. My Peter Lindbergh book is signed by him, I even have an old poster of him up on the wall. This book is from Taschen, it’s my favorite place to get high quality photo books in store and online.”

Voyage et Cie Candles

“I love these candles because I’m sensitive to artificial scents, and these don’t bother my nose. At big shoots we will put an orchid, a jar of candy, and this Voyage Et Cie candle in the dressing room. We’ll also give a candle to the talent as a gift, so this candle is great for both my personal and professional life. The labeling is beautiful, with simple and cool names like Malibu, Santal, Tobacco; it’s so well done. Nobody is sponsoring me, I just really love these candles.”

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