It’s All Fun and Games with These Playful Gifts

It’s that wonderful time of year again where we’re all trying to find something fun to gift our loved ones for the holidays. After this incredibly stressful and isolating year, gifts that can be shared feel especially meaningful—and what better way to encourage quality time than finding games to play together? From tried and true favorites to some newer possibilities, we can guarantee these gifts are sure to delight.

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

“This cute scratch-off poster is sure to be a crowd-pleaser among movie buffs. The cute interactive gift highlights 100 popular films that every movie-lover should see at least once in their life. Once they’ve watched it, they can scratch off each tile to reveal a cute image that represents the film.” –Rebecca Carhart

What Do You Meme? Core Game - The Hilarious Adult Party Game for Meme Lovers

“Don’t let the title fool you: Even your Instagram-less friends will have fun playing this photo caption card game based on internet-famous memes. The concept is pretty simple, there are caption cards and funny photo cards and the point of the game is to create the most hysterical pairing. The rotating judge determines the winner with each round, so everyone gets a fair shot at a prize. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer.” –Stephanie Perry

Pick Up Sticks Game

“I’m not going to lie—when I saw these, I squealed and immediately added to cart. I haven’t played Pick Up Sticks since childhood, and the nostalgia associated with the game just makes me want to play it with my sisters all through the holiday season. I don’t know yet if I’m gifting this to a family member or to myself, but either way I am so excited to play it. To top it off, the game itself looks absolutely beautifully made with really clean and simple packaging, so it’ll make a great addition to your games shelf!” — Madeleine Letellier

Vintage National Parks Puzzle

“I have a strong feeling that a second wave of sold out puzzles lies just around the corner, so naturally, I figured gifting a puzzle this holiday season seemed like a good way to get ahead of the hype. I loved this quirky vintage National Parks design as soon as I laid eyes on it, and figured it could double as a little bit of an escape for the those current suffering from unfulfilled wanderlust..” –Jayla Andrulonis


“Anyone would enjoy this classic game of balance and strategy wrapped under the tree. I’ve played Jenga for hours with both small kids I tutor and late at night at the bar with friends. It’s truly that versatile.” –Katie Macdonald 

Wavelength Game

“Whenever I think of the holidays, I think of games and this one, which I played with a group of friends before the pandemic began, really sticks out. It’s the perfect game to play even in small groups which is key this year. It’s hard to explain in words but it’s a guessing game that involves one word hints and extremes and I guarantee every round will have you in stitches. The best part is unlike other funny games like cards against humanity or apples to apples, it doesn’t get old because you and your teammates are in charge of making up the buzzwords on the spot. This is the perfect gift quite literally for anyone regardless of if they like games or not — everyone who I played with immediately went home and ordered their own on Amazon. And it’s under $40 which makes it a perfect Secret Santa or White Elephant gift too.” –Tara Gonzalez

Cat in Box Bank

“My best friend gave me this Cat-in-Box Bank as a birthday present last year, and let me tell you, no gift has ever made me laugh with delight more. This adorable (and hilarious) Japanese coin bank hides a mechanic kitty in the fruit crate, where upon placing a coin as the cat’s “fish dinner,” the kitty peeks out from hiding and takes your money — all while letting out a sneaky meow. It’s the cutest and most playful gift I’ve ever received, and I think it’ll bring a smile to anyone who gets one as well.” –Nina Huang

Bananagrams Game

Who DOESN’T love Bananagrams? It’s the perfect game to take with you anywhere, and can be played with kids or adults. Love this as a stocking stuffer present for anyone, especially nieces and nephews.” — Maria Pedone

Wooden Clue Board Game

Considering Clue is my all time favorite board game, I am adding this to my wishlist RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. I can’t believe I didn’t know this gorgeous wooden keepsake version existed. It’s pretty enough to leave out even when you’re not playing.” — Courtney Bowers

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