In the Kitchen with Janine Higbie

The kitchen can be the most intimate room in the house — it’s one most everyone spends a lot of time in by themselves or with their family, whether it’s noshing on a snack or whipping up a favorite dish. In our series In the Kitchen with..., we feature a SwearBy Editor's kitchen must-haves. Read on to see what board-certified nutritionist Janine Higbie always has in her kitchen. 

Janine Higbie has built a career in helping people better understand the relationship between food and their bodies. Before she became a board-certified nutritionist, she spent a decade working with doctors and their diabetic patients at a medical device company. She saw first-hand how a lack of education about nutrition took a toll on people's overall health. Around the same time, she began to think about starting a family and was shocked to learn how impactful the maternal diet is on a baby's long-term health. Determined to learn more about food and the body, she decided to go back to school to get her Masters in Integrative and Functional Nutrition.

Now, Janine helps advise clients on their diet at her clinic JH Wellness, taking a holistic approach to everything from sleep hygiene to stress management. But what does a nutritionist actually eat at home with her family? We take a peek inside her kitchen to see what she's cooking up for her kids, what we can find inside her pantry, and the cookware she cannot live without.

Describe the vibe and aesthetic of your kitchen.

With walnut cabinetry and a white marble countertop and backsplash, it feels modern and clean but also warm and cozy.

What can we usually find you find you doing in the kitchen? 

Cooking while chatting or playing with my boys. I’m at the office during the day so I relish the time I get to connect with them in the morning and evening. This usually looks like me preparing breakfast or dinner while they’re seated at the counter, or sitting on the floor together, snacking and playing while our food cooks in the oven. It’s far from efficient, but it’s fun.

What is your favorite meal to make and why?

Chicken Marbella: think healthy comfort food. It’s based on a classic recipe from The Silver Palate Cookbook and my husband’s favorite of his mother’s dishes. Early in our dating, she shared that recipe with me. I love to make it because it can be prepped ahead, is freezer-friendly, and reminds me of holidays with family.

What’s the most cherished item in your kitchen? 

Caraway Cookware Set! These really are worth the hype. Unlike most non-stick cookware these are made without endocrine disrupting chemicals. I’ve tried other non-toxic non-stick pans, but the ceramic coating doesn’t last. These are as durable and functional as they are beautiful. The canvas lid holder is a brilliant space saver too.

Below are five other products Janine Swears by in her kitchen. 

Weck 26 oz. Canning Jar

“Chemicals from plastic food containers can leech into food, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures like the microwave or freezer. Instead, I opt for these simple glass Weck jars in a variety of sizes for storing everything from soup to pasta to nuts to herbs and cut vegetables in water. The seal is legit too.”

Fellow Stagg Matte Black Electric Kettle

“Hot water in seconds. I’ve used an electric kettle for years, but just recently upgraded to the Stagg. If it’s going to take space on the countertop, it should be this pretty. I use it all the time, for my morning French press coffee, herbal tea throughout the day, and chamomile tea to wind down before bed.”

Coravin Model 3 SmartClamp™ Wine Preservation System

“In our home, an open bottle of wine will get drunk. This clever little device lets you pour wine without opening the bottle and exposing the wine to air. I can easily pour, and only drink, one glass and savor the bottle over several nights without rushing to finish it before it turns.”

Bluapple Produce Saver Freshness Balls

“It’s beyond frustrating when you plan to eat healthy, spend money on fresh fruits and vegetables, only to throw them out because they spoiled. Blu apples absorb the ethylene gas that accelerates spoilage and in doing so, prolong the shelf life of your produce. Keep one in each of your fridge’s crisper drawers and one in your fruit bowl, you will notice a difference!”

Mason Stoneware Salad Plates

“Did you know the size of your plate can impact how likely you are to overeat? Over the last few decades, plates and portions in the US have become super-sized. Research related to the Delbouef Illusion shows that we eat less and feel more satiated when we use smaller plates. I serve most of our meals on salad plates (usually 8.5” to 9.5”) instead of dinner plates (usually 10” to 13”) to keep our portion sizes in check without having to think about it or rely on willpower.”

I'm a board-certified nutritionist with my master's in Integrative and Functional Nutrition and the founder of JH Wellness, my clinical practice. I specialize in women's health and particularly in the journey to motherhood. I take a holistic approach to coaching my clients, advising on diet, supplements, sleep hygiene, stress management, and reducing exposure to environmental toxins (from the pantry to bathroom cabinet).