I Tried The Split-Hem Leggings Trend That Gigi Hadid Loves & I’m Also a Huge Fan

We’ve all done it — swiped up for a matching sweat set on our favorite influencer’s IG or immediately bought a lipstick after seeing it on TikTok. But are they as good IRL without all the filters and angles? In The Internet Made Me Buy It, we share a product we bought because of social media and ultimately fell in love with.

I swore off wearing leggings as pants years ago. As a self-identifying “fashion girl,” I followed unwritten rules that restricted me to wearing leggings only while exercising or lounging at home— never when I had taken the time to put on makeup and assemble a certified outfit. However, loungewear has dominated the fashion world over the past year and the recent split-hem leggings trend has me rewriting all of my rules.

Split-hem leggings are essentially just like any pair of standard black leggings, but a vertical slit detail at the ankles makes them one step closer to real pants. The trend started popping up among celebrities and influencers early last year and it’s proven to have some major staying power. Supermodel fans of the split-hem leggings trend include Gigi Hadid, who rocked a pair to the airport pre-pandemic, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who has featured a pair in several of her recurring mirror selfies, and Kendall Jenner, who was spotted wearing some with a leather blazer and mules last July.

After seeing these leggings all over the Internet, I decided to try a pair out for myself (specifically the Slit Down Honey High-Waisted Pants from NastyGal) and I fell in love. I’ve now willingly come down from my “leggings aren’t real pants” high horse and I’m ready to share why I think these leggings are not only a fun new trend, but also a wardrobe essential. Split-hem leggings can easily transition from comfortable at-home loungewear to a stylish “going out” look— and that’s the kind of versatile, no-fuss fashion we all need right now. I can wear the leggings to work from home all day long, then, after swapping my slippers for boots and my sweatshirt for a trendy jacket, I can wear them to safely enjoy outdoor dining with my roommate.

The peek-a-boo effect of the slit also means that any pair of shoes (my favorite part of every outfit) gets a chance to shine. I love the way the leggings look over a pair of sock-style booties for a more dressed-up look or over a pair of chunky sneakers when I’m going with a more casual and sporty outfit.

After a year of working from home and living during a pandemic, it’s no surprise that our fashion trends are revolving around things that are essentially the comfort foods of clothing (sweatsuits and black leggings). Even when we all go back to working in our offices and have to wear outfits that aren’t only visible in a Zoom window, however, I hope to still be making these leggings work as if they’re black jeans. Mark my words, I’m going to wear these leggings to a club someday and I’m going to feel amazing in them.

Below are the split-hem leggings I own, plus five other similar options to get in on the trend.

Slit Down Honey High-Waisted Pants

Verdusa Women's Casual Split Hem Leggings

Graham Pant

Slit Hem Leggings

Split Hem Cigarette Pants