How to Upgrade Your WFH Desk Situation

Comical Zoom backgrounds aside, our work-from-home desks are looking …. meh. And if there’s one thing worse than a lackluster desk in corporate cubicle-ville, it’s a lackluster space at home—the place that’s *supposed* to be your sanctuary from all things hideous.

Good news: the extremely tasteful and hard-working curators of SwearBy have spoken, and decided these covetable WFH upgrades are must-haves for both glamorizing your work space and boosting productivity. Bonus: it’s very possible you can deduct their expense on your taxes (consult your accountant).

Muji 0.38mm Black Gel Pens

These are “the LBD of office pens,” says Lizzy Trelstad. “They never leak, and provide a sleek black line. Hard to say if I’ve hidden more tampons or Muji pens in bags, drawers, and back pockets.” Shireen Shakouri uses them for illustrations as well as that all-too-rare-feat: writing by hand. “I find myself *writing* with my *hands* so little now, that when I do, I won’t use pens I scored for free from the roofer or a bank.” But we think Noor Khan says it best: “They write as smooth as butter.” 

HÅG Capisco Chair

Yes, it’s pricey. But like a mattress, you spend umpteen hours of your life in your desk chair…shouldn’t it be as comfy and supportive as possible?? “This ergonomic desk chair is gold,” says Blaire Speaker. “A bit of a splurge, but as someone who works on my computer all day every day it’s worth every penny. I was starting to get sciatica symptoms in my hip with my old desk chair and they have completely gone away since switching to this.” Also: it has an artful, sculptural silhouette that’s anything but business as usual. 

Vitruvi Essential Oils & Diffusers

If you find certain scents motivating (we’re sniffing at you, mint and lemon), this sleek essential oil diffuser can be a boon for your desktop. “It basically doubles as a piece of decor, and it diffuses my favorite scents, like lavender when I want to relax and grapefruit when I need an energy boost,” says Christie Calucchia. “Plus, unlike a candle, it can stay on as I fall asleep since it automatically turns off.” Amy Stanton keeps one in her office aaand home. “So good for you both physically and mentally. This one looks beautiful and is consistent and lasts!”

Visual Comfort Cleo Table Lamp

My WFH desk lamps are from Ikea, and I absolutely loathe them. Why can’t desk lamps be as inspiring as a sculpture? Thankfully, architect Julie Frank found this number, hewn of burnished brass and bronze. “Why should a desk lamp be dull ? This is sexy and functional too.” Lady, you’re not wrong. 

Simple Living Felix Dining Table

“I searched high and low for the perfect oversized white desk and finally decided on this glossy white dining table,” says Sarah Wilkerson. “I could NOT be happier — it’s super solid, elegant looking, and at 55 x 32, it’s far bigger than most desks (and I need the space!). Love it so much I ordered a second one for our back-to-back workstations in the office.” Plus, when you retire early after making your Beyonce-level fortune, you can use it as a dining table. 

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