How to Pack Like a Jet-Setter: Swears from Marissa Montgomery

Our British-born bestie Marissa Montgomery makes most things seem effortless, even packing. This multi-talented multi-hyphenate is a designer and founder of the fashion line Rotten Roach, as well as a TV presenter and host, and her busy work schedule has her crossing the pond at least once a month. Pinging back and forth from LA to New York and London, Marissa is the modern jet-setter who always manages to pack the perfect look and seem pulled together no matter the time zone, jet lag be damned. Lucky for us, Marissa agreed to open up her carry-on and share her must-haves to get you inspired for your next trip. Her swearable necessities will have you looking good while fitting in with the locals.

Hair Sweet Hair Gummies

I spend so much time styling my hair that I need something to help keep it healthy. This is the best hair vitamin I’ve found. They taste SO GOOD. They are all-natural and do wonders for my nails, too. Who doesn’t like a candy with health benefits?

Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask For A Full Night's Sleep

I had an ex-boyfriend who slept with one, and he forced me to try it one day when we were flying a red-eye and I had to go straight to work when we landed. I couldn’t believe how rested I felt. I’m not picky about the specific type of mask, but once you start sleeping with an eye mask, it is addictive.

PHILIP B Haircare

The Philip B line is a recent Swear. My friend in London, who is a hair stylist, gave me some of his products to try. Then, when I came to LA, I made an appointment to meet the Philip B. He gave me a treatment that saved my hair, and ever since, I’ve been obsessed. I feel like he’s a hair scientist more than a hair stylist. I love it because it is the only shampoo that gives your hair a really deep cleanse. It gets rid of all build-up. I’ll always spend money on a great hair products that really work. The Phillip B Forever Shine Conditioner is great for blondes because it brings out any lost highlights. It makes your hair super shiny and really moisturizes deeply.

Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser

This is the only face wash I’ve ever had that takes off all my make up and doesn’t dry out my skin. It is so gentle. This isn’t a trendy cleanser, but of everything I’ve ever used, it’s the best face wash, hands down. Swear.

FRAME Leather Pants

When I travel, I always pack black leather pants. They can be dressed up or down and are always acceptable, whether the event is black tie or hanging out at a show. I think Frame has the best of all the ones I’ve tried because they don’t lose their shape, they are comfy, and very slimming. Really, they are a wardrobe staple you should invest in. They’ll last you a lifetime and it is worth spending the money on a good pair.

Rotten Roach Boss Sweatshirt

I love these sweatshirts for two reasons. First, because I’m literally always cold, especially when I travel, and they are so soft and cozy. Second, because I made them! Ha! They’re machine washable, too. We all love cashmere, but it’s not so practical when you travel a ton.

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