How to Get Red Carpet Ready. What Superstar Emmanuelle Chriqui Swears By.

Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui has walked hundreds of red carpets throughout her career. And yet, she admits to getting “a little nervy” before stepping out on premiere night. Who can blame her, when, with a quick flash, the moment has been immortalized and the photos go literally everywhere for the whole world to see. “My true pleasure is to be on set acting,” says Emmanuelle. “You have to put on your armor a bit more with the promo stuff, which is why the ritual of getting ready for the red carpet these days is so much more about self-care than just the physical look. It’s really mental. When you step onto the carpet, there’s so much energy directed at you and it can be quite overwhelming. Over the years, I’ve learned what’s important to me to feel prepared. Sleep. Exercise. Eating right. Generally treating myself well and finding a moment to chill mentally.” Then there’s the all-important red carpet team. “Hair. Makeup. Styling. It’s important to find a squad that has both vision and vibe. I work with amazing people, like makeup artist Shane Paish, who is such an artist and creates looks that photograph so well. We’re always on the same page, and subscribe to the less-is-more school of styling. Chic, sexy and effortless is the look and feel we’re after.” These days, Emmanuelle is rolling with a new team–the comedy troupe Broken Lizard–and she’s getting ready to put on her armor once again with the premiere of their new movie, Super Troopers 2, the long-awaited sequel to the cult-classic comedy. “When Jay [director Jay Chandrasekhar] first mentioned the idea of me being the female lead, I said, ‘I don’t think I’m your girl!’ The comedy is so broad and I didn’t think it was in my wheelhouse. But of course then I read the script, thought it was amazing, and I was so in. My character is French Canadian, like me, and she has an arc that was super fun, creatively. We shot for a month outside of Boston and it was like summer camp with these guys. The movie is so funny, and I think the fans of the original are going to be obsessed.” We caught up with Emmanuelle in Los Angeles to get her SwearBy secrets for getting red carpet ready. Whether your big moment is a Hollywood movie premiere or date night closer to home, Emmanuelle’s honest recommendations will arm you with what you need to face the world (and the cameras) with style and confidence.

NARS Audacious Lipstick

My own lip color is really dark, so when I see a lipstick in the tube, it’s never the same color on my lips. I used to put foundation on my lips to neutralize the color, but this shade by Nars, Raquel, is my perfect nude. It gives me the J.Lo lip that I love on the red carpet, which I’ll pair with a bold eye. For early morning call times, I might do a bright lip for a pop and to look more awake, but it’s one or the other. I believe that less is more.

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder

I have very sensitive and oily skin, so I still need to touch myself up into the evening. The Dior powder agrees with my skin. It has a little bit of color so it compliments my skin tone, but it doesn’t over powder or look cakey. I just Swear By it. I love it.

Marjan's Favorite Kreaton Organic

It has everything in it. It’s green with a little fruit and chia seeds for that yummy gelatinous texture. I can’t eat a meal before stepping out on the red carpet. At that point the adrenaline is rushing, and nobody says that eating a meal on a nervy stomach is a good thing! After the hoopla is over, then I’ll eat, but having a good green juice beforehand sustains me and gives me the energy that I need to get through the night. It also tastes good. I need a little ginger, apple, or lemon in my juice. I can’t do the stuff that just tastes like grass.

‎Insight Timer Meditation App

I’ve done Transcendental Meditation (TM) for four years and I do it every morning. On a good day, I’ll do it twice, and on a red carpet day, I will always make time for an afternoon session. A session lasts 20 minutes but the app will chime to bring you out of the mediation and keep track of your daily progress. Today, I got an alert that I completed 100 consecutive days, and it felt amazing. I love TM because it’s forgiving and accepts that your mind will wander, and when I emerge I feel so much more centered. I swear by it before the red carpet because it puts me in a frame of mind where I’m like, okay, I can do this.

90s Hip Hop Radio on Pandora Radio

Definitely my favorite pump up playlist. It’s so fun because it reminds me and everybody on my team of the ’90s when we went out to clubs. We all know every song, and it puts everybody in a good mood. It’s the best way to get ready. But still, I have a moment of quiet before I step out onto the carpet. The anticipation.

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