How to Freshen Up Your Home on a Budget, According to Jeneva Bell

New year, new you, new...decor? In our opinion, there is no better way to start the year off than with some fresh, new surroundings. That doesn't mean you have to pack up your bags or relocate, however — sprucing up your current home situation with a new painting or plant can do wonders for your space and mood. Jeneva Bell understands. Jeneva is the founder of Ruggable, the stylish, machine-washable rug brand that you've no doubt seen all over your Instagram. Not only is she an interior design expert, but she also recently renovated her home. Between her professional and personal life, she knows a lot about what it takes to freshen up your space and how you can do it on a budget.

SwearBy spoke to Jeneva about her home renovation journey, her advice for making old pieces feel new, and what items she swears will transform your home in an instant.

We hear you're currently renovating your home. What prompted you to want to do this?

I fell in love with the property and the feel of the home, but I wanted to change the color palette from really warm orange & darker redwood tones to a more neutral and flexible palette. I chose white walls and white oak floors with almost black windows and doors that are ready to welcome any and all colors in between.

When it comes to re-decorating, a lot of people have the desire to just toss everything out and start over, but that can get expensive. What's your advice for mixing old pieces with new finds?

I love to mix old (vintage) and new. It creates more depth and interest in a space if it looks like it was decorated over time versus one big shopping spree. I recommend starting the process by gathering inspiration and then editing the inspiration before you start shopping. It will help you hone in on the essential items you need to create the look and feel you want.

Where are you finding your interior design inspiration?

Pinterest! It's just full of inspiration and it's so easy to edit, collaborate, and organize your ideas.

If you can't afford to renovate, but want to make an old space feel new, what are some ways to do this?

Painting walls matte white is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to make an old space look new. I know white may seem boring, but it's a fresh, clean palette and brightens up any space. You can also change out old, basic knobs, like doorknobs or drawer/cabinet pulls, and add personality. Once I changed out all the doorknobs in my apartment from basic, painted wood to faux crystal knobs and it brought back old-fashioned glamour in an instant!

Here are some other Swears Jeneva thinks everyone needs when redecorating their home.


Indoor Plants

Don’t forget plants! They can be easy to forget when you are fixated on furniture, but plants are the perfect finishing touch.

Ruggable Rugs

I also have to recommend a big rug. We have tons to choose from at They help frame a room while adding color and texture.

Light Fixtures

Finally, light fixtures — or even just one good light fixture! It can take the style of your room to the next level faster than anything else.

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